Some Best Upcoming WhatsApp Features

upcoming whatsapp features
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WhatsApp always comes up with something new and existing for the users. Well, we have mentioned a few best and really helpful and useful features that are in their way for the users.


Dark Mode (or Night Mode)

Everyone (means tech company) is actually working with dark mode note only to save battery but as well as the best looking design and looks. WhatsApp’s version of the dark mode is known as Night Mode. We will soon see the night mode coming to normal users.
WABetaInfo first encountered with night mode in the beta update of May 19, 2019, i.e., version 2.19.139

Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint lock feature is one of the most required feature for a normal user. It will provide more privacy to the user. The feature that will allow users to unlock WhatsApp and all the chats inside it using the same fingerprint scanner that you will use to unlock the phone. We have seen the Face ID and Touch ID option in WhatsApp for iPhone. And soon it will be there in Android too.

Stories integration

WhatsApp is working on integrating Facebook and Instagram Stories with the messaging app. With this feature, users will be able to share WhatsApp Status as their Facebook and Instagram Story directly from the app. 
According to the folks at The Verge, the latest beta version (though unclear) brings the ability to share Status on other apps, including Instagram, Facebook, and even Gmail and Google Photos.

QR Code

As the name suggests, WhatsApp users will be able to add contacts through QR codes. Every user will have a unique QR code which others can scan and immediately add them to their contact list.
This feature may come handy in normal usage like sharing any data from one user to another without saving their contact directly.

Libra Integration

Libra has a lot of potential in developing economies but it is also bad for privacy and competition. Facebook aims to control its users’ purchasing habits too. However, currently, Indian laws make it difficult for Facebook’s cryptocurrency to operate in India and Facebook too has not filed any application with RBI (Reserve Bank of India) for Libra in India. Facebook has a lot of work to do before Libra can live up to its potential – and there’s no guarantee that will happen.

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