Xiaomi to Introduce 3D Air Gestures in MIUI 11

xiaomi 3d air gestures
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Speaking of gestures first thing comes in mind is Moto Gestures. My personal favorite was chop-chop for flashlight and twist for the camera. Those gestures actually come handy when you are using them in your daily life.
Well, do you want those gestures on your phone too? Here we have a great tutorial for the same.
How to Get Moto Actions on Any Android Phone


Seems like Xiaomi is going to do the same with their upcoming version of custom UI, MIUI 11.
We have come up with a video of 3D Air Gestures being used in Xiaomi Mi 9’s latest MIUI beta test which was earlier posted by a Xiaomi employee on Weibo then an XDA developer uploaded to YouTube.

3D Air Gestures let you launch apps by waving your phone in the air to draw an M, W, C, or Z. According to the source, drawing any of the previously mentioned alphabets in the air with the device can open a certain application which might be user programmable.

The feature uses a combination of the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors which are present on most modern smartphones. That means most of the Xiaomi devices will be compatible with this.
One thing which can be seen from the video is that those gestures will only work when the device is in the unlocked state but this is a beta update so we can expect it to improve with the official update.

The feature is currently only available on the latest MIUI beta for the Xiaomi Mi 9, but we’re not sure what other devices will get the feature. Since Xiaomi is ending MIUI global betas at the end of this month, users outside of China will likely have to wait a few weeks before it becomes available.

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