Video Showing a Xiaomi 120W Charger Releases Online

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A year ago, Xiaomi flaunted its 100W Super Charge Turbo wired fast charge innovation. The quick charging technology takes into account a 4000mAh battery to be charged from zero to full in only 17 minutes. Now, another video clip showed up on Weibo showing Xiaomi 120W charger.


The Xiaomi Charger uses the 100W Super Charge Turbo technology ought to show up in commercially available devices this year. But, when the phone releases, it might show up with a significantly powerful charger.

Alleged Xiaomi 120W Charger appears Online in a Video

A video has surfaced on Weibo that shows an alleged Xiaomi charger with a power output of 120W. The charger is greater than the normal smartphone’s charger and looks heavier as well. It has a white body with an American plug that isn’t foldable.

The specs are written on the charger, though misaligned, show the charger underpins 20V 6A, 20V 5A, and 11V 6A power ratings. Redmi GM, Lu Weibing, as of now uncovered that the 100W Super Charge Turbo fast charges utilize a high voltage, so the power rating seems acceptable.

Xiaomi 120W charger

It is extremely unlikely to know whether the charger in the video above is certifiable however observing as Xiaomi has just demoed a 100W quick charging innovation, we can’t rule out the presence of a Xiaomi 120W charger.

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