VideoProc Converter Review: Best-Value Converter for Video, Audio, and DVD?

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Have you ever failed to open a file or upload it on social sites due to a compatibility issue? In this case, you may convert videos, audio to the required fast.


The online video conversion is exploding, however, most online video conversion sites have limits on the size of the files you can upload and the quality you can save.

You can get a better experience with desktop video converters like VideoProc Converter. I recently got the chance to use VideoProc Converter and I think I am ready with my VideoProc Converter Review. 

Today I am going to present you with my VideoProc Converter Review. I am going to highlight all of the important points including the top features and ease of use. 

VideoProc Converter Review

Setting Up Process

The VideoProc Converter is easy to use right away from the setting up process. All you have to do is go to the site and download the software. Then you can install it like you would install any other software. The software literally takes no time to install which I felt is quite great. 

VideoProc Converter Review

When you launch the desktop app for the first time, you will get the option to activate the software. Since I already had the activation key, it was no hassle. 

Then the software will check your system’s hardware configuration. Finally, you have to click on Process video with hardware acceleration

VideoProc Converter Review: Best-Value Converter for Video, Audio, and DVD? 1

After that, you have your home screen and you are all set. 

Using The Software

On the home screen, you get 4 main options Video, DVD, Downloader, and Recorder.

VideoProc Converter Review

Now I do not have the strongest use case for the software but here is how I used it and this is what I found out:

Using the Downloader

To edit a video, let’s start by downloading a video first. So there is this cool anime girl dance video that I saw on many gamers’ PCs as a lock screen or screensaver. So naturally, I decided to go with that video. 

The downloader is cool. You just copy the video URL, open the VideoProc Converter, and then hit the Downloader icon. 

Then click on Add Video, paste the URL, and hit Analyze

VideoProc Converter Review

Once it finishes analyzing the URL, you get all of the download options. 

VideoProc Converter Review

For me, I was quite happy as earlier I was using web-based options to download videos from YouTube. As a result, I had to sacrifice quality. But not with this software. 

I got the option to download the video in high quality which for me was great. 

Not only that, you can download entire playlists, music files with this software with great customization options. 


Once you add the video to the download list, all you have to do is hit the download icon and it will start downloading. After the download is complete, you can find the downloaded video at the target location. 

VideoProc Converter Review

However, I do think that the downloading process is a bit complex and involves too many steps. 

Using The Video Editor 

Let me make this clear right away, I do not have a big use case of video editing. I mostly use it to crop out clips and change quality. So I tried the same on this one. 

To use the editor, you just click on the Video icon on the home screen and then import the video using the Video icon on the top. Importing a video for editing is just super easy. 

Importing a Video

As soon as you import a video, you will see the basic options like adding effects, watermark, subtitles, crop, rotate on the main screen. 

I cut the video to 30 seconds and it was a fairly simple task. Then there are other cool options like adding a watermark. Well, I tried that too!

Well, to get the most out of the editor, I suggest that you click the codec option on the right side of the imported video. From there you will have three tabs namely Format, Edit Video, and Name & Tag

Video Editing Options

From the Format menu, you can select the video and audio codec for the final video. This includes the resolution, frame rate, bitrate, sample rate, etc. 

Video Format Options

As you move to the Edit Video tab, you get more options and that is where the magic happens. This is where you can crop, cut the video, add effects to it, add watermark, subtitles, etc. 

Video Editing Options

Then there is the Name & Tag tab which gives you the option to add thumbnail, name, tags, additional info related to the video. 

Name & Tag Tab

Additionally, you can also select a preset target format from the menu on the bottom. You get the option to select a target format based on video formats, devices, etc. 

Once you are done editing the video, all you have to do is click on Run at the bottom right corner. This will render and save your video to the target location. 

VideoProc Converter Review

From my user experience, I felt pretty good using this software for mild video editing. It is not the most powerful one out there but does the basic jobs with ease.

Additionally, it is also quite easy to use for any user like me who does not have high technical knowledge of video editing. 

Using The Recorder 

Yes! VideoProc Converter comes with a recorder as well. You can find the option the homescreen. It gives you three options. You can either record your screen, record the webcam, or you can record both your screen and webcam simultaneously. 

VideoProc Converter Review

I used the screen recorder for a while and for users like me who do not want a lengthy setup process, this was just phenomenal. 


The recorder is easy to set up and it records in the background which is great. With the new normal when all the meetings, lectures take place online, I think this is a really cool feature to have. 

The DVD Feature

Although this is a bit outdated feature, it is still good to have. Using this, you can create DVDs and won’t need separate software to burn the CDs. I didn’t have any use for this feature so I can’t really say much about it. 

Features of VideoProc Converter 

  • GPU Acceleration: GPU Acceleration is basically using the power of the GPU to improve rendering times, optimize file size, and lower CPU usage. In my experience, this worked great as I noticed shorter rendering times and smaller file size for sure.  
  • Ease of Use:  I can’t stress this enough. VideoProc Converter is just super easy to use and there’s no other way around it. For a mild user or anyone who is new, this is a perfect tool.  
  • Support for All Common Video Resolutions: VideoProc supports all the common video resolutions including 8K 4320p, 4K 2160p, 2.7K, 2K, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 360p, etc. And it also supports a wide range of audio and video output formats. Actually, more than you will ever use in your normal usage.  
  • Upscale or Downscale: Using this tool, you can upscale or downscale a video quality with ease. 
  • Record: Using VideoProc Converter, you can also record your screen, webcam, or both at the same time. This comes in handy if you want to record a virtual meeting, lectures, or something like that. 


VideoProc is one of the most affordable and best-value converters in the market. Let’s just look at its pricing for Windows and Mac(at the time of writing this article):

For Windows

Pack TypeValid forPrice (in USD)
One Year License One Year per PC29.95
Lifetime LicenseLifetime Per PC37.95
Family License Lifetime for up to 5 computers57.95

For Macs

Pack TypeValid forPrice (in USD)
One Year License One Year per Mac29.95
Lifetime LicenseLifetime Per Mac37.95
Family License Lifetime for up to 5 Macs57.95


VideoProc is compatible with both Windows and macOS which makes it a great tool if you work cross-platform. Here are the minimum system requirements for installing VideoProc Converter:

OSMicrosoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or later (32-bit and 64-bit versions supported)

Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina (10.15), Big Sur, Monterey or higher.Support computers powered by the Apple Silicon for Mac M1 chip
Hard Disk Space100MB
Processor1GHz Intel or AMD 

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Final Verdict


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Downloader and Recorder Features are Great
  • Very fast rendering speeds


  • Download involves too many steps
  • Expensive Than Competition

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