Xiaomi Privacy Brand Launched, Said to Focus on User’s Privacy

Xiaomi Privacy Brand
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“Xiaomi Privacy Brand” is unveiled with a new logo that is said to represent the company’s commitment to protect the user’s information and privacy. The new logo will be present in all of the upcoming features and services offered by Xiaomi.


What is Xiaomi Privacy Brand?

Xiaomi has developed an open-source MACE framework by itself. The framework is an AI framework that comes for mobile devices only. It enables offline computing processes through mobile devices so that users do not need to upload any private data on the cloud.

Xiaomi Privacy Brand

The company also says that MIUI is very rich and reliable in terms of privacy protection. The company is planning to launch MIUI 12 with game-changing features. So Xiaomi wants that the users actually feel safe about their privacy.

Xiaomi is using “differential privacy” for this. So what is does is, it allows public sharing of a dataset by describing the patterns of groups in the dataset but withholds information about individuals in the dataset. More details about the “Xiaomi Privacy Brand” will be revealed during the MIUI 12 Conference that is happening on April 27.


So this is very clearly a strategy to make sure that if MIUI doesn’t give satisfying security and privacy features then Xiaomi has this “Xiaomi Privacy Brand” in the backup. It is also to get the trust of the US and EU and get their market shares.  

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