Youtube as Voice Remote for Your Smart TV

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Google is always working and showing something new every day. Recently Google announced that the Youtube app in an android device can be used as a voice remote for your smart TV means youtube as voice remote for the TV.


Youtube as Voice Remote

Hazel from Team Youtube posted an update in a Youtube thread stating that you will be able to use voice search within the YouTube app when casting to your smart TV as a voice remote for controlling apps on your smart TV.

youtube as voice remote

The above image is the illustration of the feature posted in the thread. And this will be the same when used in your devices.

We are not saying that this is completely an innovation and the new feature, first in the market. There are several features available out there which can do the same but those complex for a non-tech savvy person. Google simplified the accessibility of the feature. And now can a used by anyone.

The new function is extremely straightforward, simply press the Cast button and a microphone icon will appear, allowing for voice commands to be issued to your TV through your phone. This is a welcome addition to the app and something that probably should have been added a while ago.

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