Today, People are living increasingly more of their lives on the web. We do most of the things online like shop, bank, mingle, work, and play. In any case, as our computerized lives become progressively significant, they are likewise exposed to more serious dangers. Hackers are sneaking everywhere prepared to take our identities, channel our financial balances, and lock us out of our PCs. That is the reason we have to play it safe to defend our advanced world.


There are truly tons of breached logins circling on the dark web. A year ago, Yahoo alone conceded a break of three billion client records. Furthermore, in December 2017, a database of 1.4 billion stolen usernames and passwords — the greatest of its sort at any point found — was found on a shrouded site, all set up for hackers to utilize.

What does all this mean? Following password security is unquestionably the best thing to do. Yet, the constant flow of endless breaches will keep on putting your logins in danger and make dealing with the security of your online records a weight. Here’s the place where 2FA applications can help.

What is 2FA Applications?

2FA Applications

2FA applications give an additional layer of security for your online account, making it harder for hackers to get unauthorized access. With 2FA, knowing the username and password alone isn’t sufficient to get in — you additionally need a second “factor”: something you know (e.g., your mom’s last name by birth); something you have (e.g., a code gave by means of SMS, or by an application or dongle); or something you are (e.g., you face to unlock or fingerprint) that a programmer doesn’t (or isn’t).

We are mostly concerned about the second factor — a code that continually changes or terminates after use. It tends to be conveyed to you by instant message or a safe application on your gadget/PC, making it unimaginable for the programmer to get hold of.

3+ 2FA Applications to Secure Your Online Accounts

2FA Applications

You can turn on the 2FA option which is available on many popular websites and there many 2FA applications that are present out there where you can use them to manage your online accounts at one place. We are listing a few apps here:


The best feature of Authy is its encrypted backups. Anytime you switch between devices, all you need to do is open the application on the new phone and input your phone number. Then you can connect with multiple accounts. A prompt will appear on your older device where you need your designated phrase and the tokens will be transferred to the new device.

The major con with Authy is the labeling of devices. Its names “Android” for any android device that is connected to an account, so it gets difficult to distinguish if you have multiple Android devices connected to it. But on iPhones and PCs you can easily name your device as is. Nonetheless, it is one of the best 2FA applications for both the operating systems.


Google Authenticator

It is the easiest to use and it doesn’t even have any settings. It allows you to add a new token (a token is a code generator for any given account) or you can even delete one.

The con is that you might have to download another one of the 2FA applications if you don’t like the user interface or if you want more features.

Microsoft Authenticator

This has more features than Google Authenticator. The major benefits are that you can easily configure to hide codes and it offers extra features if you log in using a Microsoft account.

The major cons are that the internal clocks can unsync between the device and the service, which will result in invalid codes. It isn’t available for macOS and browsers too.

LastPass Authenticator

It has a seamless setup and you can easily integrate the app with a password manager. It also has backup passwords in case you forget any. Out of all the 2FA applications, this is the next best alternative to Google authenticator.

The con is that there is limited use of this outside the LastPass app. You require another device to store the backup passwords.


Final Verdict

Google Authenticator is the best know and easy to use among all the 2FA applications. The Microsoft Authenticator is a free to use which will link to your online accounts via the QR code scan mechanism. Authy is the next best alternative to Google authenticator and it works around multiple devices.

Two-factor verification is a significant step to ensure your important accounts to be safe at any point in time. It might appear to be difficult now and then to enter that extra code—which you may just need to do once per device or once at regular intervals of time—however it’s a value worth paying to make your online accounts increasingly secure.

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