ASUS ROG Ally Update Adds TDP Slider & Improvements


  • ASUS enhances ROG Ally with a quick-access TDP slider for performance optimization.
  • Update brings manual mode adjustments and a customizable Gyro Enable feature to ROG Ally for improved gaming experiences.
  • Future upgrades for ROG Ally will include AMD Fluid Motion Frames (FMF) support, promising smoother gameplay.
ASUS ROG Ally update adds TDP slider & improvements
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ASUS, a major name in gaming gear, has just updated its mobile gaming PC, the ROG Ally, to provide better user experiences.


This update’s centerpiece is the addition of a much-anticipated feature: a quick access Thermal Design Power (TDP) slider. Check out the details.

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ASUS ROG Ally New TDP Slider Upgrade

TDP, a critical parameter indicating the maximum heat that a processor can safely dissipate, directly impacts performance and battery life—previously, altering TDP parameters required traveling through the Armory Crate software.

However, with this update, users now have direct access to a TDP slider within the Command Center, allowing for real-time adjustments to achieve the ideal mix of performance and battery life.

In addition to the headline TDP slider, the update includes other user-friendly enhancements. Manual Mode now includes easy access options for changing SPL, SPPT, and FPPT, giving users more control over performance modifications.

Gamers will also appreciate the added versatility of assigning the Gyro Enable feature to different buttons, allowing for more customizable control schemes and diverse gameplay experiences.

Furthermore, the update responds to user input by adding a “Never show again” option for annoying campaign pop-ups, ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Newly established game profiles now default to the “Unassigned” operating mode, which reduces conflicts with global settings and improves the overall gaming experience.

ASUS ROG Ally Update Adds TDP Slider & Improvements 1
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While the upgrade is a huge step in improving the ROG Ally, ASUS has suggested that even more exciting innovations are coming.

Future upgrades will incorporate support for AMD Fluid Motion Frames (FMF) technology, which promises better gameplay experiences without sacrificing graphics quality.

This upcoming update can redefine portable gaming on the Ally, putting it at the forefront of the market.


Overall, the latest update demonstrates ASUS’ dedication to listening to its customers and making real improvements.

By responding to user feedback and integrating desired features like the TDP slider, ASUS hopes to create a genuinely user-centric gaming experience with the ROG Ally.

As gamers eagerly await future upgrades and enhancements, ASUS remains committed to pushing the frontiers of handheld gaming technology.


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