Amid all this coronavirus stress, Facebook is more focused on making its features better than ever. The exact location feature launched by Facebook failed to become mainstream due to many reasons and the major reason was that many people didn’t like to share their exact location. The makers of Facebook really worked hard on this shorting and now there are chances that Facebook Messenger could soon automatically tell your friends you’re at the gym, driving or in Tokyo. However, the launch date of this feature is not decided yet.


Auto Status Location for Messenger

Auto Status Location for Messenger

The Messenger feature will use your location, accelerometer and battery life to determine what you’re up to and will share it with your close friends. However, instead of sharing your exact coordinates, it will overlay an emoji on the Messenger profile pic to indicate that one is at the movies, biking, at the airport or charging your phone.

Auto Status Location for Messenger

It will help people in knowing what your friends are doing, if they are at the gym or cafe, it will make the online and offline coordination between friends even easier. Many times, we are re often stuck home wondering if anyone of our friend is similarly bored and might want to hang out. Then this feature will help us out.

Auto Status Location for Messenger

The feature of battery status will help you when you might not respond to a message if your phone goes dead or is left on the charger, it’s useful info to relay to friends who might be wondering what you’re doing. The auto-share features share locations, like “at a cafe.” Movement (driving, biking, walking), venue (at the movies, airport), cities (in Tokyo) and battery status (low battery, charging).

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