5 Best Custom Recovery for Android Phone

Best Custom Recovery for Android
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Are you thinking of playing with your Android device? Then, you might need to root your device to get full access to your smartphone.


And for rooting any device, you will need a custom recovery. So, we have done a few pieces of research and finally, come with this 5 Best Custom Recovery for Android article for you.

The list below provided is not hierarchically arranged, this list is according to the preferences of our team members. So, choose the Best Custom Recovery for Android according to your preference.

What is Recovery Mode?

The first thing the bootloader rings up is the recovery. A custom recovery like TWRP will let you back up the entire device, flash tweaks, and install a new custom operating system.

Or simply it is a Low-level software that can create and restore full system backups. Accessed before the main OS.

The recovery menu provides options to assist recover your device — for instance, you’ll reset your device to its factory default state from here. The recovery mode also can be wont to flash OTA update files.

If you would like to flash a replacement ROM to your device — or re-flash the factory default ROM file — you’ll get to boot to recovery mode first.

What is Custom Recovery?

Before telling you the Best Custom Recovery for Android, we must know what a custom recovery is. A custom recovery may be a third-party recovery environment. Flashing this recovery environment onto your device replaces the default, stock recovery environment with a third-party, customized recovery environment.

This is often a touch like flashing a custom ROM like CyanogenMod — but rather than replacing your device’s Android OS, it replaces the recovery environment.


How to Flash Custom Recovery?

Before telling you the Best Custom Recovery for Android, we must know how to flash the recovery.


  • Rooted Android Device
  • USB Cable
  • USB Drivers
  • Custom Recovery File
  • Android SDK
  • Device Drivers

Flash Custom Recovery

  • First, make sure your Android smartphone’s ADB Debugging mode is ON.
  • For verifying, connect the device and open cmd and go to the adb folder by using the following command (change the path to the folder accordingly):
cd F:\Utilities\Android\Beryllium\adb
  • Then, use the following command to verify the device:
adb devices
  • Now, use the following command to boot into fastboot mode:
adb reboot fastboot
  • Finally, use the following command to flash the custom recovery file (make sure to put correct file name):
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • Now you can verify the installtion by booting into recovery mode by using the following command:
adb reboot recovery

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Best Custom Recovery for Android

Teamwin Recovery [TWRP]

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is one of the simplest and famous Android CR. This recovery is an Open Source Recovery for Android. the simplest thing about TWRP is that this Recovery is out there for nearly all Android devices.

The newest update of this traditional recovery is to Support the Project Treble features. In 2019, Project treble is an important part of any Custom Recovery.


We have included TWRP Recovery within the Best Custom Recovery List because first, TWRP is supporting the wide selection of Android devices.

Secondly, it supports Project Treble features. (Note: – if your device support the Project Treble features then this feature works on your device)

Best Custom Recovery for Android
  • Backups of partitions in TAR or raw Image format.
  • Restore backups from internal storage, external SD storage or OTG devices.
  • Custom Firmware installation.
  • Partition wiping.
  • File deletion.
  • Terminal access.
  • ADB Root Shell.
  • Theme Support.
  • Possible decryption support depending on the device.
  • Supports almost every android device.

OrangeFox Recovery

OrangeFox recovery is based on TWRP with some additional functionalities. Originally built for a Xiaomi device, this recovery has come an extended way in terms of stability and style and supports over 47+ devices as of scripting this post.

Best Custom Recovery for Android
  • Synced with the latest Teamwin changes
  • Designed with the latest Material design 2 guidelines
  • Implemented support for Flyme and MIUI OTA, and incremental block-based OTA in custom ROMs
  • Included customization
  • Inbuilt patches, like Magisk and password, reset patch
  • Password protection
  • Fully open-source
  • Frequently updated

RedWolf Recovery

Red Wolf Recovery is custom recovery based on TWRP source code however some things are working here slightly different then you would possibly be expected.


The main objective of this project is to supply stable recovery with features that you’ve got never seen before during recovery and which haven’t been accepted for adding to the official source code of TWRP.

This recovery is additionally the primary recovery on the planet with password protection.

Best Custom Recovery for Android
  • Always up-to-date
  • Simple material design
  • MIUI OTA Support
  • Password Protection
  • Disable DM-Variety & Forced encryption
  • Backup All Partition
  • Project Treble Support
  • Built-in Magisk, Super SU
  • Flashlight support

Pitch Black Recovery

PitchBlack Recovery Project is Open Source organization founded on 28th March 2018 collectively by the developers from different countries with an aim to provide the world’s most advanced recovery with better customization’s, themes and features.

Best Custom Recovery for Android
  • Based on the latest TWRP source
  • Supports Treble and non-Treble ROMs
  • Great troubleshooting features and tools
  • Material design and full dark theme with changeable accents
  • Advanced tools including code-name changer and Pin/Pass remover
  • Disable DM Verity
  • Uses AromaFM as the default file manager
  • Inbuilt support for enabling/disabling Super-SU and Magisk
  • Universal flash-able file for all variant of a device
  • Multi-lingual support (for 10+ languages)
  • Automatic PBRP Injection after flashing ROM (treble only)

SkyHawk Recovery

SHRP is inspired by material design 2 to bring the newest design to the native TWRP. SHRP provides much more alongside its rich UI experience. The new dashboard makes it very easy to interact with TWRP.


SHRP got some cool features like a Whole new theming section, Flash Magisk (root or unroot), Camera2api enabler Directly from the dashboard, Password protection, etc. It’s all started, a lot more to come.

Best Custom Recovery for Android
  • Theme support with a clean and modern design.
  • Improved dashboard with more quick access options.
  • Password lock protection
  • Modified file manager
  • Inbuilt support for flashing modules like – Magisk or ViperFx
  • Hal3 / CameraAPI2 – enable /disable from dashboard
  • CPU core lock/unlock
  • Navigation and Status bar customization
  • Notch mode with the toggle to disable
  • And many other great features.

Conclusion – Best Custom Recovery for Android

So, this was the whole article, stating you what is recovery then custom recovery and then how to flash it and finally the Before telling you the Best Custom Recovery for Android, we must know.

If you have any doubt regarding anything, comment section below is for you, feel free to use it.

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