Best Gaming PC Under $500: Our Top Picks for Budget Gamers


  • In this article, we present the seven best gaming PCs under $500 for 2023, chosen by experts based on crucial aspects such as processor, graphics card, RAM, storage, connectivity, user reviews, and price.
  • The HP M01-f0033W Ryzen, Dell Optiplex 7020, and HP Pavilion TP01-2040 are among the top picks.
  • These pre-built gaming PCs offer the best value and performance in this price range, with varying processor, graphics card, RAM, and connectivity options.
iBUYPOWER Starter PC Computer Desktop Element Mini 167A
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If you’re on a tight budget and looking for the best gaming PC under $500, you’ve come to the right place. 


Many people assume that gaming PCs come with a hefty price tag, but that’s no longer the case. Thanks to advancements in technology, it’s now possible to get your hands on a decent gaming PC without breaking the bank. 

But with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. That’s why our expert team has researched and tested 18 gaming PCs in this price range. 

From those 18, we chose 7 models that performed well in our tests to create the list of best gaming PC under $500 in 2023. These models were chosen based on the following crucial aspects:

  • Processor
  • Graphics Card
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Connectivity
  • User reviews
  • Price

So let’s dive into our top recommendations!

If you are into custom desktop builds,

7 Best Cheap Pre-built Gaming PC Under $500 in 2023

If you’re not interested in building your own PC, there are plenty of pre-built options that won’t break the bank. Here are our top picks for the best gaming PCs under $500 available today:

HP M01-f0033W

HP M01-f0033W - Gaming PC Under $500

Key Specifications

  • Brand: ‎HP
  • CPU: Ryzen 3 3200G
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics
  • RAM (Memory):‎ 8 GB DDR4
  • Storage Capacity: 1000 GB HDD

HP is a big name, and its HP M01-f0033W Ryzen 3 3200G PC, one of the latest models, has the softest touches to get you the best results. 

Its sleek design and reliable technology deliver the maximum positive outcomes you want from a prebuilt gaming PC in this price range. We used it and found it one of the best gaming PCs under $500. 


At first glance, the HP M01-f0033W Ryzen 3 3200G PC has an impressive design. Its compact form factor saves space on your desk or gaming area.

Although it does not come with a dedicated GPU, it uses integrated graphics from the 3200G chip, which is reliable and robust. With a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz and the ability to boost up to 4 GHz, the processor’s four cores and four threads provide better performance than integrated graphics by Intel. 

The Vega 8 graphics also offer entry-level performance for different games.

In addition to the processor, the HP M01-f0033W has 8 GB of DDR4 RAM and a 1 TB HDD. The storage solution isn’t the fastest, but it is sufficient for running multiple applications simultaneously. You’ll be able to play games, stream, and browse the internet without experiencing any significant lag. 


The 1 TB hard drive also provides enough storage for your favorite games and applications. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with an SSD. The lack of an SSD may impact boot times and application load times. However, for the price, it’s still a solid choice. 

Furthermore, you’ll get a free mouse and keyboard when you buy this PC. This makes it an excellent choice for out-of-the-box gameplay. 

So if you’re a budget-conscious gamer looking for a prebuilt pc for 500 dollars, the HP M01-f0033W Ryzen 3 3200G PC may be your best bet.

Dell Optiplex 7020 Gaming Desktop PC

Dell Optiplex 7020 - Gaming PC Under $500

Key Specifications

  • Brand: ‎Dell
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 4th Gen 3.4GHz
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2GB
  • RAM (Memory):‎ 16GB
  • Storage Capacity: 512GB SSD

Dell Optiplex 7020 Gaming Desktop PC is our second top choice for budget-conscious gamers looking for a decent gaming rig that won’t break the bank. 


This gaming PC packs an Intel Core i7 4770, an Nvidia GT 1030, 16GB memory, and a 512GB SSD. While the hardware is dated, it’s still relevant enough to run most games on low settings at decent frame rates. You may need to purchase additional storage if you plan on storing a lot of games or videos.

One of the standout features of the Dell Optiplex 7020 is its unique aesthetic. It blends the traditional office workstation look with RGB lighting, creating a cool and stylish vibe. 

The LED strip inside the front of the case and the infinity LED light panel where the disk drives would normally reside add a touch of flair to an otherwise plain-looking case. You may need an external CD/DVD drive, though.

This gaming PC can easily handle popular titles such as GTA V/Online, Garry’s Mod, Skyrim, Minecraft, and Fortnite. It is also capable of handling streaming and recording tasks with ease, as confirmed by one of our team members, who is a YouTuber and streams and records a lot.


In summary, the Dell Optiplex 7020 offers good value for its price and can handle the most popular games and streaming needs. Its unique aesthetic and decent performance make it a solid budget gaming PC option.

HP Pavilion TP01-2040

HP Pavilion Pre-Built PC Tower (TP01-2040, 2022) - Gaming PC Under $500

Key Specifications

  • Brand: ‎HP
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX Vega 7
  • RAM (Memory):‎ ‎12 GB DDR4
  • Storage Capacity: 512 GB SSD
  • Ports: 4 SuperSpeed USB Type-A, 1 SuperSpeed USB Type-C (front), 4 USB 2.0 Type-A (rear)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5 & Bluetooth (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) combo, MU-MIMO support
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

In our list of the best budget gaming PCs under 500 dollars, this is another model that comes from the HP brand. 

The HP Pavilion line may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gaming computers. But if you’re looking for an excellent ultra-budget gaming PC, you’ll want to check out the HP Pavilion TP01-2040.

It’s equipped with AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor, one of AMD’s cheaper Zen 3 APUs. It uses RX Vega 7 graphics as its GPU, which performs well. 


At 720p, it offers acceptable performance for most games on lower settings, with average frame rates between 60 and 120 FPS. And if you prefer non-demanding titles such as Rocket League, Among Us, Minecraft, etc., you can even pair it with a cheap 1080p display. It will give you an even better gaming experience.

This gaming desktop PC has 12GB of DDR4 memory, which is quite impressive considering its low price point. With a 512GB NVMe SSD, you’ll have plenty of storage for your favorite games and applications. 

In terms of wireless connectivity, the HP Pavilion TP01-2040 supports Wi-Fi 5 (1×1) and Bluetooth (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) with MU-MIMO. With Wi-Fi, you can connect to the internet and other devices wirelessly.

Also, the system is equipped with 4 SuperSpeed USB Type-A, 1 SuperSpeed USB Type-C (front), and 4 USB 2.0 Type-A (rear) ports, making it easy to connect all of your peripherals. Plus, this gaming PC includes a 1-year limited warranty, giving you peace of mind.


iBUYPOWER Starter PC Desktop Mini 167A

iBUYPOWER Starter PC Computer Desktop Element Mini 167A - Gaming PC Under $500

Key Specifications

  • Brand: iBUYPOWER
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GT 730 2GB Video Card
  • RAM (Memory):‎ 8GB DDR4
  • Storage Capacity: 240GB SSD
  • Warranty: 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Next, we have the iBUYPOWER Starter PC Desktop Mini 167A. It is a powerful system that features an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor with a base clock speed of 3.6GHz, which can boost up to 4.2GHz under heavy load.

This mini PC boasts 8GB of DDR4 RAM and a 240GB solid-state drive for fast and reliable storage.

What’s impressive about this system is the tempered glass RGB gaming case with 16-color RGB lighting, which adds a touch of flair to any setup. 

Its 802.11AC Wi-Fi makes this affordable gaming PC easy to connect to wireless networks, and the absence of bloatware is a nice touch. The free iBuyPower gaming keyboard and RGB gaming mouse make it an excellent value for gamers.


Aside from that, the iBUYPOWER Starter PC Desktop Mini 167A includes a 1-year parts and labor warranty plus free lifetime US tech support. It will provide you with peace of mind if you are worried about the quality of the product.

Alarco Gaming PC

Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer - Gaming PC Under $500

Key Specifications

  • Brand: Alarco
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2400
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 650 1GB
  • RAM (Memory):‎ 8 GB
  • Storage Capacity: 1 TB HDD
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Alarco Gaming PC Desktop Computer is one of the best budget-friendly gaming PC under 500 dollars on our list. For the price, this device offers excellent performance.

It features an Intel Core i5-2400 processor, a GTX 650 1GB video card, and 3 RGB fans for a cool gaming experience. 

While it may not be able to handle the most demanding games, it can run Fortnite at an average of 100 FPS on low settings and 60 FPS on medium settings. This system can also run PUBG on low settings at 30 FPS and GTA5 at 30 FPS. 


Additionally, this Alarco Gaming PC comes with a 1-year warranty, and it includes a remote-controlled RGB fan gaming PC desktop computer.

AVGPC Q-Box Series Gaming PC

AVGPC Q-Box Series Gaming PC - Gaming PC Under $500

Key Specifications

  • Brand: ‎AVGPC
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon Graphics
  • RAM (Memory):‎ 8GB DDR4
  • Storage Capacity: 500GB SSD
  • Warranty: 1 year, with free lifetime support at AVGPC website.

This PC is designed and built by AVGPC, a reputable brand that’s known for producing high-quality gaming PCs that deliver top performance and speed.

The AVGPC Q-Box Series Gaming PC has received positive reviews from satisfied customers who have used it. According to these customers, this PC offers excellent performance, is easy to set up, and has all the features that casual gamers need to play their favorite games.

This gaming PC can easily handle even the most demanding games with a 3.9GHz AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor and an AMD Radeon Graphics card. At such an affordable price, you’ll appreciate the power and speed of this PC.


One of the standout features of this gaming PC is its 500GB SSD storage, which ensures fast and reliable access to game files and other data. This is a huge benefit for gamers, as it means they can access their games quickly and easily, without delays or lag.

Another excellent feature of this gaming PC is its 120MM liquid cooler and major brand 650W PSU. This ensures that the PC stays cool even during intense gaming sessions and has the power to support future high-end graphics upgrades. 

Many people ask whether this gaming PC comes with a warranty. The answer is yes! The AVGPC Q-Box Series Gaming PC comes with a 1-year warranty and free lifetime support at the AVGPC website. 

One minor drawback of this gaming PC is that it only comes with 8GB of DDR4 memory. While this is enough for most games, some gamers may want to upgrade their memory to improve their performance. Luckily, this is a minor problem, and you can easily resolve it.


Beelink SER5 Mini PC

Beelink SER5 Mini PC - Gaming PC Under $500

Key Specifications

  • Brand: ‎Beelink
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5560U
  • Graphics Card: Radeon RX Vega 7
  • RAM (Memory):‎ 16GB DDR4
  • Storage Capacity: 500GB SSD
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty + 24 hours customer service

Beelink SER5 Ryzen mini PC is a solid option for gamers who are looking for a compact, affordable gaming computer. 

Despite its small size, this computer packs quite a punch, thanks to its Ryzen 5 5560U CPU and 16GB of DDR4 memory. It also features a 500GB NVMe SSD, which provides speedy access to your games and files.

Even though this mini PC may not handle the most demanding games, it can still play competitive games, older games, and emulate. 

Additionally, its modern technology ensures that it will remain viable for a few years to come. You can even upgrade it to 64GB of memory and 2TB of storage.


Overall, the Beelink SER5 Ryzen mini PC is an excellent choice for gamers who want a reliable and capable computer that won’t take up too much space. It’s also affordable, making it a good choice for budget-conscious people. 

So, if you’re looking for a mini gaming PC that is both functional and stylish, this one’s for you.

How to Choose the Best Gaming PC under $500

In order to find the best gaming PC under $500, you need to consider a number of crucial factors. It will help you choose a computer with the latest technology and features within your budget.

Here are some things to look for in a budget gaming PC under 500 dollars:



The processor is the brain of the computer, and you need to look for a CPU with at least four cores and a clock speed of 3 GHz or higher. This will ensure that your PC can easily handle the latest games and software.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is crucial for gaming because it handles the rendering of graphics and ensures smooth gameplay. 

You should have a dedicated graphics card, but an integrated GPU will do if you’re on a budget. As prebuilt gaming PCs under $500 tend to be entry-level, graphics cards can be older. While these GPUs can’t run AAA games at high settings, they are great for Esports titles, especially in 1080p. 

Aim for a dedicated GPU with at least 2 GB of VRAM. NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon are popular choices for budget gaming PCs. 



Make sure you have at least 8 GB of RAM (Random Access Memory), but 16 GB is even better. Even though 8 GB isn’t enough, it shouldn’t be a major issue for performance. When it comes to gaming, we always recommend at least 16 GB of RAM. However, your options are limited if you are looking for a PC under $500. You can upgrade your RAM soon.


Storage is another essential factor to consider when buying a gaming desktop computer. If you have a $500 budget, you are unlikely to find dual storage solutions. They typically have SSD drives. You’ll want to look for a gaming PC with a solid-state drive (SSD). These drives are faster than traditional hard drives and will help your system run more quickly.

The SSD that comes with these budget PCs is usually 240GB to 500GB, and they offer you huge storage to store your favorite games. However, you may need to use an HDD to store your data and save your SSD for gaming if you plan to store a lot of media files on your PC.

Ports & Connectivity

Proper connectivity is crucial for gaming. As a gamer, you often require multiple peripherals to connect to your PC, making connectivity more critical for a gaming PC than a regular one. Without sufficient connectivity, you cannot fully enjoy your gaming experience. 

Ensure that your gaming PC has enough ports and connectivity options. Although not all PCs come with multiple USB ports, those with front or back panel ports that allow for audio and memory device connection are ideal for gaming.

Choose a PC with USB 3.0, HDMI, and DisplayPort ports if you want to output video. If you plan to use a wired connection, ensure the PC has an Ethernet port. You will also need Wi-Fi if you plan on using a wireless connection.

Cooling System

A gaming PC generates a lot of heat, which can affect performance and damage components. Because of this, you should search for a PC with good ventilation and at least one fan to ensure proper cooling. You can also consider adding additional fans or upgrading the CPU cooler for better performance.


Warranty is crucial when purchasing any electronics. Make sure you’re getting a gaming PC with a good warranty. This will protect your system in case anything goes wrong with it. Look for a warranty that covers at least a year, and consider purchasing an extended warranty if possible.


Last but not least, your budget will play a big role in which gaming PC you choose. Look at your budget before adding any prebuilt computer to your cart. 

Gaming PC prices vary depending on what you get with your PC. To get the best memory, motherboard, hard drive, and cooling system, you need to invest around $500. So, if you have a budget of 500 dollars, you can get a decent gaming PC.

Conclusion – Best Gaming PC Under $500

Buying a budget-friendly gaming PC doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or performance. Today, many setups are available online at affordable prices for novice gamers. But before buying any model, you must check the features and ensure that the PC meets the minimum specifications required for your favorite games.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 7 best gaming PCs under $500 in 2023. These models can provide a decent gaming experience that can satisfy casual gamers. You can choose any of these to play games on a computer. 

I hope this article helped you find a gaming PC within your budget.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please leave them in the comments section! It would be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have.

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