The pandemic had trapped everyone at home due to social distancing norms and lockdown. Now that all of them have significantly reduced, a vacation is something that we all deserve.


The vacation will act as an opportunity to celebrate your existence, freshen up your minds, and overall essential for a change. However, you all must have experienced poor or no network connection in the countries abroad. 

You would have found it difficult to communicate with the region’s localities. Translation apps are thus the one-stop solution to resolve your issue.

What if you can tackle network issues with an offline translation app? Several translation apps have an offline mode to assist you during your tour.

Best Offline Translator App for iOS

Here is our top list of offline translator app for iOS currently available in the market.

Google Translate

Google Translate - Best Offline Translator App for iOS

Be it any arena, and Google always tops the rankings. From Electronics to technology, it has maintained its prominence everywhere. Therefore, Google is known as one of the largest tech giants in the world. Though it has several popular widgets and applications, Google Translate is what matters.

It’s the best available app for offline translations over iOS phones. The Google Translator can translate information into 100 languages. But, offline translation is available only for 59 languages as of now.


Google Translates everything seamlessly and effectively. Offline translations procure us with the benefit of translating without internet connections as it helps in case of power failures or poor network connectivity.

Moreover, the most remarkable feature is that you can even translate bilingual conversations for over 43 languages. Google is the real tech legend for a reason.

Like Google Translator, its app also supports handwriting recognition to identify handwriting content of another language besides text and conversation translations. 

Also, you can focus your camera, scan text and then translate as per your preferences. This comprehensive range of features, plenty of languages, and offline support make it the best Translator app for iOS. Offline translation by Google may seem impossible to you. However, you can download the language pack before an online translation for the given language.


Price: Free

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Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator - Best Offline Translator App for iOS

Microsoft is another tech giant in the software industry.  Whether Microsoft Office or Drive, Outlook or Microsoft teams, each app provides a comprehensive range of effective services to its users. Microsoft Translator is one of the efficient serving apps from Microsoft. 

The app translates into 60 languages. Moreover, the content that needs to be translated can be text, audio, photos, or even conversations.


So, you don’t have to hustle when you’re on tour or with a foreign guest. It has an added offline translation availability useful in regions with a poor network connection.

Moreover, the app has a phrasebook that contains verified pronunciation and translation manuals to assist you in learning words and phrases of several languages.

Above everything, the app has another robust feature. Microsoft Translator has a multi-person conversation translation that enables you to link your devices. It also helps you have in-person conversations with around 100 people in several languages.

Price: Free


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Apple Translate

Apple Translate - Best Offline Translator App for iOS

Apple, the legend of iOS phones and other electronic accessories also has several apps to enhance your device usability. Apple Translate is one such offline translator app that translates words on the go.

If you are using an iPhone, then the Apple Translate App is the best for translation. This recently developed app currently supports around 11 languages. 

The unique feature is that the translation for all 11 languages is also available offline mode. Though the app does not support as many languages as Google, Apple continuously improvises the app.


Apple will soon add support for more languages with its newer updates. English, Russian, German, Chinese, and French are the major languages that it supports as of now. 

Besides, you can check for word meanings of the translated words, can save translations, and you can have a real-time translator experience. Apple Translate is effective enough to compare it with Google Translate.

Price: Free

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iTranslate Translator

iTranslate Translator - Best Offline Translator App for iOS

Moving on to the other translation app, we have iTranslate Translator. The app ranks amongst one of the best translation apps available. All thanks to its comprehensive range of features and effective translation. 

The features vary from text translation to voice-to-voice translation and much more. Also,  the offline mode adds a cherry over the cake. iTranslate Translator supports around 100 languages that detect both male and female voices.

Moreover, it has some in-app purchases like the Lens feature. It lets you focus your device’s camera over the words you want to get translated. In this way, you get an offline translation. But the offline translation is available only for 40 languages as of now. 

The app can also translate voice-to-voice conversations. One of the most incredible features of the app is that you can seamlessly switch between the various dialects that let you talk efficiently. Above all, the app has an inbuilt dictionary and search history. 


The search history lets you track the words that you have searched before. It helps you in grasping the language and dialects more efficiently.

Price: Free and In-App Purchase

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Speak and Translate

Speak and Translate - Best Offline Translator App for iOS

As the name interprets, Speak and Translator is a real-time translation app. It means that you can translate your conversations on the go. It’s a phenomenal app for iOS users and works perfectly online. The most interesting part is that you can have real-time translation online in over 117 languages. 


When you use the app offline, it lets you translate conversations into about 59 languages without any errors. The most amazing part is the number of languages it supports for translation.

The app also has an inbuilt Snap Mode. This mode is enabled camera translation and even identifies different languages during the conversations. 

The Speak and Translate app also supports features like iCloud integration.

Moreover, the main thing is that the translation app uses services or tech giants like Microsoft and Google in the backend development.  It thus ensures accuracy. 


So if you are looking for a powerful offline translator app available for iOS that provides seamless translation on the go, Speak and Translate is a reliable one.

Price: Free and In-App Purchase

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Translate Now – Translator 

Translate Now - Best Offline Translator App for iOS

The next on our list is Translate now which comes with standard features that the offline translator apps have. But the app also has additional functions that support several add-ons and widgets. It gives you accurate results and is one of the fastest offline translations apps for iOS devices.


You can use the dark mode, translations widgets, phrasebook, Hey Siri shortcuts, offline mode, and several more. Like the translation widget lets, you use the translation function to translate content without opening the app repeatedly rapidly.

For hands-free and simple translation Siri Shortcuts assist you in implementing translations rapidly. 

Translate Now – Translator allows voice translations through modes like speak to translate, camera translation that enables you to translate text from menus, flex boards, and much more.

The app supports AR translation which enables instant real-time translations. The remarkable feature is that it has a Translator keyboard to write in 60 different languages.


Price: Free and In-App Purchase

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Speak & Translate – Translator 

Speak - Translate - Best Offline Translator App for iOS

The Speak & Translate – Translator, is an iOS translation app; hence it is not available for Android phones. Even this iOS-exclusive app hosts too many features like the app mentioned above.

The conventional translation features like the iCloud integration that keeps a track record or your search history amongst all your iOS devices settings. 


The voice setting enables you to change your voice speed and differentiate between male and female voices. For translation, the app provides text translation amongst 117 languages. However, it supports voice translations for 54 languages. 

Besides, it has a text-to-text mode that assists you in helping recognize a language and speaking better. The offline mode also provides a feature for practicing translations without internet access.

Price: Free and In-App Purchase

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Naver Papago - Best Offline Translator App for iOS

Naver Papago AI Translator is more economical than it sounds. This AI translator’s name is a marketing strategy to express that their brand captures the linguistic approach. It is a robust app that performs translation between 13 languages effectively. 

The Naver Papago has limited yet efficient functions enabling you to translate and grasp the given content in your default language. After this, you can talk better in a foreign language.

The app has an inbuilt dictionary that tracks the history of all the words you have translated. It enables you to find the meanings of words content searched. 

It helps you with real-time text translation for words, phrases, slang, images, and voice translation. Besides, it has an offline translation that translates handwritten data. The translation data provided by the app is quite accurate.

Price: Free and In-App Purchase

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Vocre - Best Offline Translator App for iOS

Vocre has been in the market for about a decade. However, it came into recognition at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2011. It enables live translation instantly in about 59 languages.

You have to speak the required words in the mic, and Vocre translates everything for you. Therefore, the app is convenient and effective to use. This app is available for free, however, if you want Offline translations, you have to subscribe, and you will also get ads for the same. 

The drawback becomes a bit tedious to tolerate. Vocre has been the best Spanish English translation app for accurate translation. However, you don’t need to always travel to a remote place or have a poor network connection. 

If you live somewhere with a strong Wi-Fi connection, several online apps can also help with translation. It can be both for Android and iOS-based devices.

Price: Free and In-App Purchase

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SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate - Best Offline Translator App for iOS

SayHi is again a free translation app. Moreover, you do not have to make any in-app purchases to avail of the app’s services. But, the app has one drawback: it does not support offline mode. The rest of the apps support offline mode for real-time translations on the go. 

Even though the app is a preferable option for your translation, thanks to its accuracy, it has a comprehensive range of functionalities; some of its core features include an easy copy option, sharing conversation through SMS, and even using social media platforms using Facebook and Twitter. 

Besides several languages and dialects, its rapid speed of detection, recognition, modifying voice preferences, analysis, speech rate, speed, and translation is unmatchable.

Price: Free

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TripLingo, though listed as a popular translation app yet, has much more to offer. The app provides translation for 100 countries,  supports 2000 phrases in about 13 languages, and provides voice translation in about 42 languages instantly. 

Moreover, TripLingo has several more features that make it one of the ideal Translators. If you’re a beginner, then the app provides you with a comprehensive range of over 1000 phrases that are available in certain slang levels. It helps you understand better like a native person of the foreign language. 

As the name suggests, TripLingo is specially designed for travelers and has additional functionalities along with it. The app has several crucial tools, including a currency converter, Wi-Fi dialer, tip calculator, and much more that will ease your stay in a foreign country. 

TripLingo works like a 10,000 words digital offline dictionary. It is also possible to link it with a live translator with the help of a phone. The image translator enables you to translate the image’s contents into your default language.

Price: Free and In-App Purchase

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The Conclusion – Best Offline Translator App for iOS

With the Best Offline Translator App for iOS listed above, you can ensure a comfortable stay abroad. Moreover, you wouldn’t regret the lingual issues suffered. But it will become quite difficult for you to decide the best app you should choose for translation. 

We prefer that you use Google Translate as your offline translator as the app supports translation in several languages. Its efficient services ensure that you can converse fluently with the region’s localities. 

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