Best Phone Thermometer App for the Most Accurate Readings


  • Smart temperature monitors are a new thing that requires a phone thermometer app.
  • Some apps also come in handy for recording temperatures without them.
  • We have covered the 4 best for Android and 3 for iOS, which legitimately work.
Phone Thermometer App
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How about getting your location or body temperature readings on the go? It would be good if you could smartly manage the readings simultaneously.


For all these reasons, a phone thermometer app is what you need. Some of them measure room temperature, while others are for body temperature.

The ones who keep logs of your body temperature also help you manage your health smartly, along with other records.

Besides, the alps differ for Android and iOS. So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the details. 

Best Phone Thermometer App for Reliable Readings on Android 

You would find plenty of thermometer apps, nearly 15-20. Some would be free, some paid, some easy to use, and some similar.

However, what’s worth noticing is the fact that it not only legitimately provides reliable readings. Though a lot depends on your phone’s in-built sensors, most are thermometer prank apps. 

We have handpicked and carefully selected the best ones under the category! 

Below-mentioned is a list of the same: 

1. Thermometer++ 

Are you looking for the easiest yet most effective way to measure the temperature of your location?


If yes, then Thermometer++ is solely designed for the purpose. It doesn’t matter which Android version you use, old or new; the app works on both.

Thermometer++ - Best Phone Thermometer App

It’s noteworthy that you should enable the location of your phone. Further, the app will fetch data from the nearest weather station and display its readings.

Thus, you can see the temperature of your surroundings in real-time. You can choose whether to see the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

A further ado is that it will also display the humidity and pressure of your location. So, while on a trek or feeling mountain sickness, you can check the surrounding weather statistics. Accordingly, you can monitor your health. 


Download now from Google Play Store!

2. Thermometer (by Heaveen)

How about a thermometer app for your phone that gives you indoor and outdoor room temperature readings without hardware?

If yes, a Thermometer by Heaveen will help you with it! 

Thermometer (by Heaveen) - Best Phone Thermometer App

Besides any external hardware, even your phone doesn’t need an inbuilt sensor. The app’s functionality provides indoor temperatures even without an internet connection.


The readings are always correct, sometimes inaccurate, but within the proper range. However, for outdoor temperatures, you must connect it to an internet connection. 

The part that we love the most is its user interface. Apart from showing the readings, it displays them according to suitable images indicating hot, cold, or similar. All of them are an aesthetic pleasure to the eye; it shows them both in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

However, it does have a drawback. The app has ads which can sometimes be annoying. To eliminate them, you can subscribe to its premium plan. A further ado is that doing so will display the results even faster. So, what’re you waiting for? 

Download now from Google Play Store!


3. Thermo- Smart Fever Management 

Are you looking for a phone thermometer app for your Nokia or Withings thermo device?

If yes, then look no further than Thermo! 

Thermo- Smart Fever Management  - Best Phone Thermometer App

As the name implies, it not only provides readings but also helps to manage health efficiently. It keeps a track record of the body temperatures at different intervals.

You don’t have to input them manually as the app automatically syncs them via a wireless connection like WiFi/Bluetooth. 


The most exciting part is that it presents a comprehensive health report, which you can manually add. You can add them all to it, whether it be symptoms, medicines you are taking, additional comments you wish to add, or photos related to the ailment. 

Do you often forget to record your temperature or that of your beloved one? If yes, this thermometer also reminds you to do so per set intervals and preferences. 

What if you don’t have Nokia or Withings thermo devices? Well, you can also smartly monitor body temperature by Manually recording it. 

Download now from Google Play Store!


4. Kinsa 

How about a phone thermometer app that tracks your and your family’s temperatures? Further, what if it keeps a record of their symptoms and medications?

Well, if all of the above is yes, then the Kinsa app is what you need! 

Kinsa - Best Phone Thermometer App

It’s specially designed to work with Kinsa thermometers and other smart devices. Connect them with your phone; the app will guide you through the procedure. 

Keeping a temperature log and setting up different profiles for you and your family members is easy and free. However, for additional purposes like setting up a reminder, you need to avail yourself of its paid plan. 


Download now from Google Play Store!

Best Phone Thermometer App for the Most Precise Readings on iOS 

You might not know your iPhone is legitimately smart as it has inbuilt temperatures. However, it doesn’t measure body temperatures but its hardware and processor.

Therefore, for the best results, you must use a smart thermometer device that you can connect to your iPhone. The best ones under the category are Govee, Temp Stick, and SensorPush.

The best part is that they have their apt phone thermometer apps. Let’s dig into the details! 


1. Govee Temperature Monitor

Would you prefer if a phone thermometer app could connect with up to 10 Govee smart monitors simultaneously?

If yes, then Govee Temperature Monitor does that for you! 

Govee Temperature Monitor - Best Phone Thermometer App

Its device records the room temperature and relative humidity, and density accurately. It syncs them onto your iPhone and keeps track of them.

So you can find the temperature log, which lets you view historical data. You can control 10 of your devices at once with this app. It also works with Alexa.


This app lets you connect with your Govee Smart Monitors via WiFi/Bluetooth.

Do you find waiting for your iPhone to connect to the monitor irritates you? Well, then, you must go for this one as it connects instantly. 

Download now from Apple App Store!

2. SensorPush Thermometer

How about a phone thermometer app that tells you which temperatures are primarily prevalent in your location?


If yes, then the SensorPush Thermometer does that for you!

SensorPush Thermometer - Best Phone Thermometer App

It is designed exclusively to use with a SensorPush monitor. Further, connect it to your iPhone using Bluetooth. The best part is that apart from recording temperature and humidity, it also keeps a track record. You can even convert it into an Excel file via a CSV format. 

You might be on more extended vacations, or your indoors must have less space to accommodate bulky equipment. Therefore, you would have chosen to go for it.

Its app also takes care of it. It means it syncs all the data on its cloud, so you monitor it on your phone. You can set up some temperature preferences. The app will notify you accordingly. The best part is that the SensorPush Thermometer app offers unlimited storage. 


Download now from Apple App Store!

3. Temp Stick

How about a phone thermometer app that not only displays the temperature of your location but also notifies ten contacts? 

Well, you heard that right! You don’t need to bother, as the app will not always do so. The Temp Stick Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Sensor have a feature where you can set a specific threshold temperature.

Temp Stick - Best Phone Thermometer App

If it crosses that limit, then it alerts 10 of your contacts for it. You can add or remove contacts for whom you have set alerts. 


Plus, you can even delete your set alerts if you want. Besides, apart from displaying temperature, and also records humidity. It maintains the temperature history in a graphical format. It’s exclusively designed for use with a TempStick monitor.

However, its device is pricey. What we don’t like about the app is that its interface is obsolete. You can choose whether to view readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Additionally, you can select the Timezone. 

Download now from Apple App Store!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a phone be used as a thermometer?

Phone cannot be used as a thermometer to measure body temperatures. This is because phone sensors keep track of their internal functioning. Therefore amidst that, they cannot track body temperatures accurately.

How do I take my body temperature with my phone?

You can take your body temperature with your phone by using an external smart thermometer and connecting it to your phone. Kinsa Smart thermometer app does that for you. 

How do I check the temperature of my Android phone?

The feature is available on some Android devices. For it, go to Settings and then navigate to Battery Information. You will find the temperature in Settings. 

The Final Word 

When searching for the best phone thermometer app for the most reliable readings, you will have got your answer! We have mentioned the best-working thermometer apps in 2023.


The best ones for Android include the Thermometer (by Heaveen) app that records indoor and outdoor temperatures aptly for specific ranges. For measuring body temperature, you need Thermo- Smart Fever Management.

However, you need a Nokia or Winnings thermo device. If you don’t have it, then too, you can manually input the readings and keep a record of it. 

For iOS, we recommend buying a smart thermometer monitor. Govee Temperature Monitor, SensorPush Thermometer, and Temp Stick Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Sensor are some of them which you should go for! 

Have you tried any other phone thermometer apps? Let us know in the comments, and we will tell you whether it’s effective! 

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