Best Phone Tracker Apps With GPS Tracking


  • Locating your lost phone or knowing your family member’s location is a must in case of harsh scenarios.
  • Unfortunately, only a few legitimately work.
  • So, we have covered you with APO, which lets you track your phone with GPS support.
Phone Tracking
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It’s New Year’s Eve, and your daughter is out with a family and is quite late. She was supposed to return by 2 AM, but it’s 4 AM, and she doesn’t return.


You are freaking out with panic, try to call her repeatedly, ask her friends, enquire by going to the place, and then you get to know she was stuck in a traffic jam due to an accident.

It has been a lot of hassle, and here’s where tracking the phone is a blessing in disguise. Besides, GPS tracking is another asset. So, if you are looking for the best phone tracker apps with GPS tracking, we have covered it all! 

Best Phone Tracker Apps With GPS Tracking 

Amidst a horde of phone tracking apps, only a few ones work. At the same time, the rest aren’t legitimate or compromise your privacy and security.

Besides, many have few features, but not all provide GPS Tracking features, and you might not find real-time updates. Here’s where our team has carefully tested, reviewed, and handpicked the best ones under the category! 

So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the details! 

1. Google Maps 

How about a phone tracker app with GPS navigation and real-time traffic updates?

If yes, then Google Maps is something that does it all! 

All of you must have used it, and there would be seldom anyone you wouldn’t have used it. Fortunately, it’s pre-installed on every Android phone, and Stock Android cases often show an exception. Using this app, you can see real-time traffic updates. 


Further, you can share your phone’s location on other devices and with your friends, family, and acquaintances. Multiple sharing options are available via email, WhatsApp, and similar means. 

So, you can update your mates whether you are out amidst odd hours or in critical scenarios like strikes. Hence, whenever your device gets lost, the other person can easily track it. 

Google Maps even sends you a notification regarding the same. You can even text others via the app to reach out in emergencies. Its GPS navigator gives you an Estimated Arrival time in case of traffic, suggests alternative routes, and lets you find petroleums, restaurants, and more. 

2. Google Family Link

Google Family Link - Phone Tracker Apps With GPS Tracking

Are you seeking a phone tracker app for you and your family?


If yes, then Google Family Link serves you well! 

You can thus stay connected with your family on the go. This does have a GPS Tracker, which you can use for real-time updates. Even if your child’s phone gets lost, you can track it conveniently. 

Moreover, whether your child leaves school or your spouse is arriving from the office, the Google Family Link also notifies you of it. Besides, it provides greater parental control.

Suppose your kids have greater screen time, which causes their habits to deteriorate. If that is the case, then Google Family Link lets you control it as well.


You can monitor their screen time and the apps they use and even implement Parental Control on their devices. Ensure that their devices have the Google Family Link installed on their gadgets. 

3. Spylix

Spylix - Phone Tracker Apps With GPS Tracking

How about a phone tracker app with GPS tracking, which is easy to use even for computer novices?

If yes, then Spylix is a must-check on your list! 

It has a simple dashboard, which is as easy to use as the Android phone. You can even track the desired contact or who lets you access their location. Its GPS Tracking shows real-time updates, including latitude, longitude, accuracy, time, and the other person’s location.


You can even use it to check your messages and similar activities. Besides, it tracks even your calls. Plus, it adds a remote tab on the target device so you can check their location and display them on the Spylix dashboard. 

Most importantly, all activities, locations, and other stuff that Spylix tracks remain encrypted. Talking about simplicity, it’s easier to set up the app on your iOS and Android. 

Check out the app from its official website.

4. Life360: Live Location Sharing

Life360 Live Location Sharing - Phone Tracker Apps With GPS Tracking

How about a phone tracker with GPS tracking that lets you coordinate with your family and collaborate on each location?


If yes, then the Life360: Live Location Sharing is a must-check under your list! 

You can even appoint places like your kid’s school, your office, home, etc., and Life360 will track it, notifying you when your family leaves from the respective places. 

Besides, it has an in-app chat where your whole family can discuss your plans. It even displays a location history for your whole family where you can monitor where they have traveled throughout the week, when they entered, left, and so on. 

Moreover, if you feel that you are unsafe at a place or any of your family members have such a situation, then it has a one-tap SOS alert to inform everyone. It can even sense driving, collisions, and such activities with the Crash Detection and Driver Report mechanism.


The remarkable aspect is that it even displays the battery life of your family member’s phones. It even provides travel support, ID theft protection, and breakdown protection. It even provides you with a Medical Assistance and Disaster Response mechanism in harsh conditions. 

But the free version has limited features. 

The Bottom Line

If you were looking for the best phone tracker apps with GPS tracking, you would have found your answer! Google Maps is pre-installed; hence, most of you would be used to it.

Besides, it’s a bit difficult for phone tracking, and here’s where Life360 and Spylix come in handy. Moreover, to locate a lost phone, Find Your Phone is the best option available. 


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