Windows 11 was released last year by Microsoft as the latest version of Windows. This is also the latest version released by Microsoft after Windows 10 in six years.


With the launch of Windows 11, we have a fresh coat of paint, and most of the things have been redesigned.

However, these changes can be even better with the help of Windows 11 themes which can customize the look and feel of your PC even more.

With the help of different Windows 11 themes, you can change your wallpaper, desktop icons, mouse cursor, color scheme, and many other things.

In this article, we will tell you about the best Windows 11 themes you can get right now.

Best Windows 11 Themes


macOS Monterey SkinPack

Best Windows 11 Themes

macOS Monterey is the latest version of macOS released by Apple last year, which is the successor to macOS Big Sur released before that.

Now, we know that there is always a debate between Windows and Apple users as to which operating system is better.

We are not going to end that debate but what we can do is use both operating systems at the same time with the help of macOS Monterey SkinPack.


With this SkinPack, you can have a look and feel of macOS Monterey while still using Windows 11.

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3D Theme

Best Windows 11 Themes

3D Theme for Windows 11 PCs is one the best themes you can get right now because of the unique look it offers, thanks to 17 wallpapers included inside the bundle.

The installation of this theme is quite simple, and you can get 3D icons and folders with this theme pack that you will surely love.

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Money Heist Theme

Best Windows 11 Themes

We all know that Money Heist is currently the most trending topic all over the world because of the hit show on Netflix.

Due to this, the fans of the Money Heist series also want to show their loyalty to PCs by downloading wallpapers that are based on Money Heist.

But what if we tell you that there is a dedicated theme made on Money Heist for all Windows 11 users out there?

With the Money Heist Windows 11 theme, you can get 15 high-resolution wallpapers from this popular series, so you don’t have to go looking for your favorite wallpapers on the internet.

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Mountain Light Premium

Best Windows 11 Themes

Mountain Light Premium is a free theme that is available to download from the Microsoft Store, which makes it extremely easy to install on your PC.

The best part about this theme is that it contains 18 4K resolution wallpapers of different Mountains around the world.

Based on the color of your wallpaper, the accents of your Windows 11 theme will also change, which is exciting.

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Ubuntu SkinPack

Best Windows 11 Themes

As we mentioned earlier, there is a debate between Windows and macOS users as to which OS is better.

However, we must mention that there is a separate fan base that absolutely loves the Ubuntu operating system, and we have a theme for them as well.

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Windows Nostalgia Bliss

Best Windows 11 Themes

Windows Nostalgia Bliss, as the name suggests, is a theme made for you to feel nostalgic about the early days of Windows.

Basically, this theme takes you back to the Windows XP days when the wallpaper used to be of a green grass carpet on a mountain with blue skies over it.

Just for a fact, that wallpaper is a photograph of a place somewhere in Europe, and you can definitely take a visit to this place if you ever get a chance.

To be honest, it looks absolutely lovely on my PC, and you can apply it to your own computer as well and get the nostalgia back.

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Squid Game theme

Best Windows 11 Themes

Just like we mentioned that there is a theme made about the popular series Money Heist, we have a theme made on Squid Game as well.

Squid Game is another popular series made by Netflix, and it has taken the world by storm due to how interesting its concept is.

I am a fan of Squid Game myself, and while I was not willing to change my Windows Nostalgia Bliss theme, I had to try the Squid Game theme as well.

And to be honest, this one looks lovely as well and perfectly suits my surroundings, as well as the entire PC; feels much better now.

There are 15 high-quality wallpapers from the Netflix show Squid Game included in this theme, and the accent color changes based on your wallpaper.

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Hacker Theme

Best Windows 11 Themes

Hacker Theme is the best Windows 11 theme for all those nerds out there who like to code on their computers all the time.

With this theme, you get a green-colored wallpaper that shows lines and lines of code written on a screen that looks like Command Prompt but is a hacking terminal.

You will get a wallpaper of the famous Anonymous logo with this theme pack which is definitely much harder to find on the internet.

This is a theme that comes with Live Wallpaper, so the text on your screen changes after every 30 minutes giving it a unique look.

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Fortnite Theme

Best Windows 11 Themes

If you are a Fortnite lover, then you are probably going to download this Windows 11 Fortnite theme to your PC right now.

We are also Fornite fans, and we applied this theme to our PCs and absolutely loved it; and we feel you will like it too.

There are 15 Fortnite wallpapers inside this theme, and once you apply this theme, your icons will be Fortnite-inspired as well.

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How to Apply Windows 11 themes

Once you have selected the Windows 11 theme from the list above, you can apply that theme to your Windows 11 PC in the following manner:

  • Right-click anywhere on your desktop and click on Personalise
  • Next, select Themes and apply any of the installed themes on your PC or browse for themes from the Microsoft Store.


In this article, we have shared some of the best Windows 11 themes that you can download for your PC.

Make sure to download these themes to your PC and try them out and see which one of the themes suits you the best.

Feel free to share this article with your friends who are also looking for the Best Windows 11 Themes to apply to their PC.



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