Microsoft Edge is Now the Second Largest in Desktop Web-Browsers

Microsoft Edge
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Recently, Netmarketshare released some really interesting data that showed the market share of web-browsers and operating systems. The data is really interesting but not so shocking


Market Share for Desktop Web-Browsers

If we talk about web-browsers as of March 2020 then, the all-time favorite(RAM eater though) Google Chrome is still the top place holder with an astonishing share of 68.5% in the market of desktop web-browsers. On the other hand, the second place is now taken by Microsoft Edge Browser that has 7.59% of the total market share for desktop web-browsers. Microsoft Edge has surpassed Mozilla Firefox which has now slipped to third place with 7.19% of the total market. Another web-browser, Internet Explorer is in fourth place with a 5.87% market share.

Microsoft Edge is Now the Second Largest in Desktop Web-Browsers 1

via Netmarketshare

Market Share for Desktop Operating Systems

As far as operating systems are concerned, Windows 10 is the leader in the market share with 57.34% of the total market share. On the second place is many people’s favorite Windows 7 which holds 26.23% of the market share and is followed by Windows 8.1 for the third place and holds 3.69% of the market share. On the fourth place is macOS X 10.14 that holds 2.62% of the market share. Data suggests that Windows 7 gained some market share recently for the first time in months, well one of the reasons for this can be people switching to their older PCs amid lockdown because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Microsoft Edge is Now the Second Largest in Desktop Web-Browsers 2
via Netmarketshare

Further Reading

On one hand, Microsoft must be really happy that their decision to switch to Chromium from Edge-HTML has earned them the second spot, it is quite disappointing to see that Mozilla is losing popularity. Mozilla is facing tough competition not only from Chrome and Edge but, also from Opera and Safari too. Mozilla needs a little bit of work to make the browser easier and consumer-friendly and it will regain its popularity.

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