Facebook Launches Collab, A New Short Music Video Making Platform Like to Take on TikTok

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Facebook launches Collab, a new short music video making platform. Recently, Facebook’s NPE (New Product Experimental) lab has launched a new application that is designed with the aim of collaborative music-making. Through this latest app from Facebook, users can make short videos collectively with artists.


Facebook launches Collab to take over TikTok, the brief description of the newly launched app is enough to describe this. The app is currently been launched for the iOS users and later it may be roll ou for the Android too. The prime goal of the Collab is to develop fresh and unique content, by collaborating with different artists together, you don’t need to have great musical experience for that.

Facebook Launches Collab

Facebook Launches Collab to Take on TikTok

According to the “The Verge“, a company spokesperson told them “Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team is launching an invite-only beta of Collab, an iOS app that brings together creators and fans to create, watch, and mix and match original videos, starting with music. Digital spaces can connect us when we can’t be together in person, and Collab is a new way to create together,


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Facebook said that they accelerated the speed of release of the in-progress version of Collab, to provide a creative and different outlet during this pandemic. According to Facebook, Collab users can create short videos that are split into three simultaneous sources, and also you can perform on a single song playing three different instruments and mixing them all together. Adding to this Facebook said, you can also create your own recording or by discovering an arrangement that can complete your composition.

According to Brittany Mennuti, Product Lead Facebook, “Collab has made our team feel closer together, even though we are all apart, and we hope it does the same for you. We still have plenty of work left to polish the experience (disclaimer: there may be bugs and if you find an issue, please report it). With your feedback, we’ll continue iterating in an effort to build an experience that everyone enjoys.”

The company says that if you want to try Collab you can sign up here, the app’s availability starts with the iPhone Owners from US and Canada. The NPE team has been working over the app from the past few months, and it already has some creators to fill the feed so new users will have the content to drag from.

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This new app will be a strong opponent for TikTok, with the recent controversies between YouTube and TikTok, Collab can appear as a powerful set of tools if it proved successful, yet Facebook is unfamiliar with the exact power of a community, that can use the app in a miraculous manner with the ability to create unique and marvelous content with the capability to remix the content freely.


Facebook launches Collab on Tuesday, along with its other apps including group audio calling app and Catch up. We can observe that the focus is now again on videos, especially on the concept of mixing, watching, matching original videos. The newly launched app is quite similar to TikTok. The major difference is, TikTok allows creators to set up the control who can make a duet with them, and in Facebook’s Collab all posted videos can be mixed and matched with others.

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