Is Your iPhone Charging Port not Working? Here’s How to Fix

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iPhone is a popular smartphone, and millions of users use this smartphone for various purposes. The most important thing about this smartphone is its battery life. This battery lasts long and helps the user to complete their work or play with ease.


But sometimes, there comes a situation when the iPhone stops charging or starts malfunctioning due to any reason. This may happen because of a problem with the charger or the battery.

There are two ways to charge the battery of an iPhone. One is through the USB cable, and another is through the Apple charger. These chargers are available in the market at affordable prices.

But sometimes there are problems like the charging port not working correctly. In such situations, you have to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Apple iPhone Charging - iPhone Charging Port not Working

Reason Behind iPhone Charging Port Not Working Issue

The first thing that comes to mind when someone hears “iPhone Charging port not opening” is that the battery might be dead. However, this isn’t true. There could be a number of reasons why your phone’s charging port doesn’t open. Here we go through the most common ones.

Battery Problem: When the battery dies, it becomes weak and unable to charge or hold any power. As soon as you plug it into the charger, it won’t work anymore.

Poor Power Supply: This means that the charger itself is faulty. If you notice that the cable is loose, then you should check whether the wall socket is plugged properly. Also, check whether the outlet is turned off or not.

Damaged Connector: The connector may also be damaged. In case of this, you should replace it immediately.

Water Damage: When the iPhone gets damaged or drops into water, it could cause damage to the charging port. When the charging port gets damaged, the device won’t charge properly.


Faulty cable: It could also be caused by the faulty cable. Sometimes, the wires inside the cable get loose or broken. And as a result, the phone doesn’t receive power.

Methods to Fix if iPhone Charging Port not Working

Here are some simple steps that will help you to fix iPhone charging port not working issue.

Check whether the charging port is damaged: Before starting any repair process, check whether the charging port is broken or not. If it is damaged, then replace it immediately. Otherwise, you can continue with the following steps.

Reconnect the power source: Turn off the power switch and remove the charging cable. After 30 seconds, connect the charging cable and turn on the power switch again.


Method 1: Restart your iPhone

If your iPhone is not charging, then the first thing you should do is, restart your iPhone. Restarting your iPhone will restart all hardware connections, including your charging port.

Restart iPhone 5, 6, 7, and 8 series

Hold down the top button and then drag the slider and wait for the phone to switch off.
Then hold down the top button until the Apple logo appears.

iPhone X series + later versions:

  • Press and hold the volume + side button.
  • Drag the slider to switch off.
  • Then hold the power button down until the Apple logo is on the screen.
  • It will restart your iPhone.

Method 2: Remove the Case

If you started facing the issue after using the new iPhone case, then try to remove it and check again.

Sometimes due to improper iPhone cases, you can face a charging not working issue.

Method 3: Force Restart your iPhone

If the normal restart not working, you can try force restart. A force restart will clear all temp files and cache stored in memory and reset your iPhone.

iPhone 6 series + older


Hold the side + home button until the Apple icon appears.

On the iPhone 7 series

Hold the volume down and the side button until the Apple icon appears on the screen.

iPhone 8 series and later


Press the volume up + volume down, then hold down the side button until the Apple icon appears.

Method 4: Clean the Charging Port

If you are still facing iPhone not charging issue, then try to clean the charging port of your iPhone.

Check for any dirt or dust and gently clean it all the same. Be careful when doing this to avoid damaging the Lightning port or other components.

  • First, turn off the phone.
  • Then use compressed air to clean the port.
  • Use a toothbrush or toothpick to clean dust or gunk.
  • After cleaning it out manually, you can then use compressed air to remove any debris.

Method 5: Update iOS

You can try to update your iPhone. Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.


To update iOS on your phone:

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Find and click on Software Update.
  • Download and install any available updates.

Method 6: Visit the Apple Store

If you’re not able to get your iPhone’s charging port working again, visit Apple Store.

At the Apple Store, they will be able to detect whether it’s merely an issue with the Lightning port or something more serious.

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