Google reportedly to ban all COVID-19 Infection Trackers

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Over the last month, Google is busy cleaning its Playstore from all android apps which are promising to provide information related to the novel corona virus because of a policy that prohibits any COVID-19 related apps that haven’t been approved by a national government or a medical institution. However, all these apps have at least 400,000 downloads.

COVID-19 Infection Trackers

COVID-19 Infection Trackers Apps Had Gone Big Before Ban

According to the App Monitor Sensor Tower, the Wuhan Coronavirus map developed by Sim&Co. had scored 100,000 downloads and hundreds of reviews before being banned. Another developer’s creations “Make Fake News,” which had amassed at least 10,000 downloads and encourages users to visit a news site and quickly change the words in an article has also been banned. Two other apps namely “Corona Virus Contact Check” and the “Coronavirus Tracker” are also on the list. The various downloads before the ban is a matter of high risk cyber- security.

Apple takes a hard stance too

Apple has a similar policy as Google to remove all apps that don’t have an official government or healthcare-industry approval. Apple has also banned many apps that had more than 50,000 downloads these include HealthLynked COVID-19 Tracker, Coronavirus – live map & latest news, and Coronavirus Statistics.

What to do if you’ve downloaded a banned app

All those who have downloaded the affected apps should wisely delete them as the downloaded apps will no longer provide the latest, most pertinent information. They will no longer get any update which will open up a door to vulnerabilities to attack the phone. No one needs the distraction of having to deal with an infected phone when they’re already trying to avoid real-life disease.

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