Google’s New Chrome Extension Helps You Link to Any Text on a Page

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The web would be nothing without links. They let us share everything from videos to pictures, to articles. In any case, imagine a scenario in which you needed to share a particular part of an article, or possibly feature a sentence you discovered especially effective. Up to this point, that has been moderately troublesome. Another Chrome extension called Link to Text Fragment claims to make the procedure considerably more seamless.


The chrome extension works by indicating a text snippet in the URL section. With the chrome extension introduced, you can feature the content you need to link to, at that point right-click and select “Copy Link to Selected Text,” which will create the new link and add it to your clipboard. When navigating to a URL with content chosen, the browser will stress it to draw the user’s consideration. In Chrome, that shows as a bright yellow feature over the text snippet:

The New Chrome extension by Google helps you link to any text on a page

While it’s been conceivable to links to areas of a website page that were meant by anchor tags in the HTML, Link to Text Fragment works by referencing the beginning and end of chosen text legitimately in the link, making it feasible for any bit of text to be linked. It’s a similar sort of tech that as of late permitted Google to highlight specific search terms straightforwardly on the page.

Examples of ways that linking to text fragments could be useful include providing reference links to specific sections of a webpage for future students, or linking to relevant information on social media rather than sharing it through inaccessible screenshots

Chrome extension

These links work only in 80+ versions of Chromium-based browsers as of now, and we don’t know whether they work in other popular browsers, we hope they are planning to add support. Trying to open one of these links in a different browser will open the page as usual, but won’t highlight the specific snippet or scroll the page to it.

Check out the chrome extension here

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