How to Hide System Partitions in Windows 10?

Windows 10
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Each time you install Windows 10 (or any Windows release so far as that is concerned) every one of your partitions appears in the Windows Explorer. Well, that is not a bad thing, however, on the off chance that you have a big disk with plenty of partitions, it can get irritating particularly if your system partitions appear there too. Windows hide them of course, however, they can appear if you’ve recently fixed your system, or you’ve relocated your OS to another disk.


In this guide, we will teach you how to hide system partitions on Windows 10 so that you don’t face the problem.

Steps to Hide System Partitions in Windows 10?

  • Press Windows key + R to open the Run app and type in cmd. This will open the command prompt. Alternatively, you can also press Windows Key + X and select Command Prompt
Hide System Partitions in Windows 10
  • Type in diskpart on the Command Prompt. This will open the Windows command line Disk Partition utility.
Hide System Partitions in Windows 10
  • Type in list vol. This command will show you all the volumes, which means, all the partitions on all the drives that are connected to your system. Make a note of the volume number and letter of the partition you want to hide.
Hide System Partitions in Windows 10
  • Select the partition you want to hide by typing select volume *volume number*. Then press Enter. In this case, I’m going to select volume 3, which is a system partition. Hence my command will be
select volume 3
Hide System Partitions in Windows 10
  • After selecting the volume, type in remove letter = *volume letter*. In my case the command is
remove letter = G
Hide System Partitions in Windows 10

This will remove the partition letter. Since the partition has no letter assigned now, Windows won’t show it in the explorer.

  • Lastly, type in exit then press Enter, and you’re good to go.

Open Windows Explorer, and you’ll notice that the drive is gone. Since it has no drive letter, Windows Explorer doesn’t recognize it and doesn’t display it either.

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