[Full Guide] How To Download TubeMate for PC?

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Do you want to share an exciting video from Facebook with your friends? Do you want to save some helpful information from an Instagram video? 

But what if you cannot do either of these because you cannot download videos online? 

To solve all these problems, ‘TubeMate’ is a one-stop solution for downloading videos from video-sharing platforms online. You don’t need to be an expert to use it. Download TubeMate on your Windows PC and follow a few steps to get your video saved in your ‘files section.’ 

So, whether you are a professional, content creator, student, or regular user- TubeMate is an asset for your PC. If you are looking for how to get TubeMate for PC, we will tell you!

Besides, we have handpicked the best alternatives that you can use to download videos and watch them later offline. 

Let’s go!! 

Is it Possible to Download TubeMate for PC? 

Officially, TubeMate cannot run on your PC or Computer. The reason is that no official version of TubeMate was developed for PC.

Even Google, which initially supported the app, has removed it from the Play Store platform because it violates copyright policies. But, it has been popular among users for its seamless service and different download methods. 

A common way is an Android emulator that is your one-stop key to using TubeMate on PCs. The emulator acts as a bridge to create Android OS on your PC for now. So, with an emulator, you can also use TubeMate and other such Android apps. 

How to TubeMate for PC? 

To download and use TubeMate for PC, you can choose a preferred Android emulator from the list given below: 

1] Get TubeMate for PC using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is one of the most preferred Emulators out there for accessing any Android app. 

Here are some easy steps that will help you get TubeMate for your PC:

  • Visit the website given here(https://tubemate.net/) and download VidMate on your PC.

Although Google has banned TubeMate from Play Store, you can download the TubeMate application from its official site.

Bluestacks - TubeMate for PC

After the installation completes, you can readily access the application and download videos, and playlists, and perform similar tasks. 

2] Get TubeMate for PC using Nox Player 

If you don’t want to use Bluestacks, the next alternative is Nox Player. 

Follow these steps to get TubeMate for your PC by Nox player: 

  • You should begin downloading the Nox Player Android emulator from its official website, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Visit https://tubemate.net/ on your PC and download TubeMate. 
  • Extract Nox, install it on your PC, and afterward install TubeMate.apk also. 
Nox Player - TubeMate for PC

You will have a similar download procedure if you are a Mac user. However, the Android emulator version of Mac would differ. 

3] Get TubeMate for PC using LDPlayer 

If you experience any problems with using the Nox player, you can use an LD player. You can follow these steps to use for getting TubeMate for PC that are:

  • Go to https://tubemate.net/ on your browser and download it. 
  • Further, visit https://www.ldplayer.net/ and download the emulator.
  • Now, go to File Explorer and extract the .exe file of the LDPlayer.
  • Further, install it and also the TubeMate apk that you had previously downloaded.
LDPlayer - TubeMate for PC

You can then access the TubeMate apk in the emulator. 

How TubeMate for PC Works? 

TubeMate is designed for Android devices and not for Windows. Thus, it doesn’t have an official PC app. You can find mod apps for PC or use the official app with an emulator.

However, what’s noteworthy is that despite the compatibility, it also has similar tasks on PC. You have to open TubeMate, search for the YouTube video, and even create a Playlist if desired, then proceed to download.

Some of you may find discrepancies depending on your hardware as the app would have poor quality graphics and resolution issues on PC. 

Features of TubeMate for PC 

TubeMate has wide popularity among users, with thousands of downloads. The primary cause for this popularity is its valuable features like: 

  1. Media converter– Apart from downloading videos, TubeMate is a media converter app. You can convert video files into .mp3 (audio format). 
  1. Download from Various Sources– Not just YouTube, TubeMate helps to download videos from different sites. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and 1000 others.
  1. Faster downloads- Downloading high-quality videos from the Internet often consumes a lot of time. But, TubeMate has a multi-thread download acceleration engine. It increases the download speed to 500%.
  1. Easy to use- Unlike other video downloader apps, TubeMate has an easy-to-use interface. Hence, it’s suitable for beginners, also. 
  1. In-built video player- If you want to look at the videos you are downloading, TubeMate has an inbuilt video player. You can watch them online and even offline.
  1. Pause and Resume Option- Inside the inbuilt video player are pause and resume options for convenient watching.
  1. Unlimited Downloading for free- There is no specific limit to how many videos you download using TubeMate. Also, the videos can be downloaded in the background while using another app. It will help you download unlimited videos from various sites for free without paying a single penny. 
  1. Multiple download resolution options- If you are a fan of high-quality videos, TubeMate allows you to download videos of various resolutions. You can download videos of different resolutions like UHD 8K, 5K, 4K, QHD 2K, HD 1080p, 720p, and 3D videos.
  1. Search and suggestions- Along with being a video downloading and converter app, TubeMate has a search and suggestions option to see related videos of your choice. Also, you get a list of top trending videos to view. 

Best Alternatives to TubeMate for PC 

Are you having difficulty using TubeMate or looking for its alternatives? If so, we have listed some of the best alternatives for TubeMate below:

1. Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader

Are you looking for a video downloader that supports multiple resolutions?

If so, you can use the Addoncrop YouTube Video Downloader, which will help you download a video in multiple resolutions of 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 360p, as per your need. 

Moreover, you can download files of all formats, including .mp3 and .mp4. It does not place any limit on the size or length of videos that you want to download. Plus, there is no need to register on the site to use it. 

Website: https://addoncrop.com/v12/youtube-downloader/

2. SaveAs.Video

Are you looking for a lightweight video downloader app?

If so, you can use SaveAs.video, which requires less device space and resources than other video Downloader apps. It supports downloads from multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Also, it is a media converter app where you can convert your videos into .mp3 format. At the same time, it requires no registration to use most features. 

Website: https://saveas.video/

3. atube Catcher

Are you looking for a video downloader site that helps you download from more than 100 sites?

For this purpose, atube Catcher is a perfect choice. You can download videos from Yahoo!, Metacafe, Spike, Megarotic, CBS, Comedycentral, and 100+ video-sharing sites. Also, it enables you to download video files in .mp3 format. 

Another feature of atube catcher is that it allows you to record your desktop activity, which means you will quickly get a history of your previous downloads. 

Website: https://www.atube.me/

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install TubeMate For PC?

TubeMate does not support PC. But it works on Android devices. So, you can download an Android emulator on your PC to use TubeMate. 

What is Similar to TubeMate for PC?

Some other apps similar to TubeMate are Addoncrop, YouTube Video Downloader, SaveAs.video, atube Catcher. 

Is TubeMate app Free?

TubeMate is free to use, and it supports unlimited downloads. So, you don’t have to spend a single dime on using it. 

Why is TubeMate removed from Play Store?

Google removed TubeMate from Play Store, which helps users to download videos even without watching them. Instead, google-owned YouTube has a download option to save videos inside it for offline viewing. 

Does TubeMate collect Data? 

TubeMate does not collect any user or any other data. So, your personal information is kept secure. However,  it shares your location data and device identifier with our external apps.

The Wrap Up – TubeMate for PC

TubeMate has made it easier to download videos from YouTube. There is no PC version of TubeMate; still, you can use an android emulator to use TubeMate. Bluestacks, Noxplayer and LDplayer, are three popular emulators that can be used as a bridge for downloading videos using TubeMate. 

It is free to use, Supports multiple resolution options, has an in-built video player, and offers a faster download speed, making it popular. 

Overall, TubeMate is an ideal tool for saving interesting videos to access or share later. If you have any doubts regarding any step, you can comment below, and we will answer them!

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