Driver is Unavailable
Jul 15, 2024

Fix: Printer’s “Driver is Unavailable” Error on Windows

"Driver is unavailable" simply means that your system is trying to find the right driver for your printer to operate but can't find any and halts the…
Jul 10, 2024

How to Force Delete a File or Folder on Windows 11?

Generally, deleting a file or folder on Windows 11 is a straightforward process: select the item, press the Delete button, and the item is removed from the…
Free Windows 11 Repair Tools
Jul 5, 2024

What is the $WinREAgent Folder and How to Delete It?

In Windows operating systems, particularly during system recovery, the $WinREAgent folder is crucial. Despite its purpose, many users do not know what it is for, and some…
PC Troubleshooting
Jun 27, 2024

Fix “The Referenced Account is Currently Locked Out” Error in Windows

When Windows users encounter the "The Referenced Account Is Currently Locked Out" error, it can be extremely frustrating. However, users typically encounter this error when they attempt…
Windows 11 24H2 to Feature AI Upscaling for Enhanced Performance Across Games and Applications
Jun 26, 2024

How to Fix the “D3D11-compatible GPU” Error in Windows 11

Suppose you are all set to jump into your favorite game or any new software and suddenly find that it is not working and are hit by…
Free Windows 11 Repair Tools
Jun 26, 2024

What is a CTF Loader? How Do You Fix Its High CPU Usage?

Your computer's operating system is vast and intricate, and countless processes operate behind the scenes to maintain its smooth operation. It's possible that the CTF Loader caught…
Windows 11
Jun 25, 2024

How to Fix GPUpdate Force Not Working on Windows 11

Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 11, offers a number of features and improvements over its predecessors. Although it is not without its quirks and issues, it is…
Windows 10
May 31, 2024

What is Compattelrunner.exe and How to Disable It?

Users often encounter complex and integrated background processes due to the complexity of operating systems. This process, compattelrunner.exe, is frequently the subject of questions. This article will help…
Free Windows 11 Repair Tools
May 22, 2024

What is User OOBE Broker & How to Disable It?

When a new device is put into use for the first time, the User OOBE Broker (Out-Of-Box Experience Broker) plays an important role in delivering a smooth user experience. Despite its essential…
Slow PC
May 16, 2024

Why is My Computer Slow All of a Sudden?

There are some moments when it instantly hits that your computer isn’t as fast as it used to be. For some people, slowing down the computer might…
Compressed File
May 15, 2024

Fix: Error “0x8096002A: No error description available” on Windows 11

According to the error message, 0x8096002A: No error description available. The problem occurs when you try to run a game that requires you to extract all files before…
May 11, 2024

Fix: “DDE Server Window” Error Preventing Shutdown on Windows

Even in 2024, Windows has remained a cornerstone of personal computing, serving as a reliable platform for productivity and entertainment. Nonetheless, every complex system is subject to…
Free Windows 11 Repair Tools
May 6, 2024

Fix: Autopilot.dll WIL Error Was Reported on Windows PC

Autopilot.dll is an essential component of Windows 11 that enables programs to communicate. However, when it stops working or shows any corruption, your PC can reboot unexpectedly. It can be…
Dump File Creation Failed Due to Error During Dump Creation | How to Fix
May 5, 2024

Dump File Creation Failed Due to Error During Dump Creation | How to Fix

It is not uncommon for Windows users to experience a lagging or crashing PC due to a random bug. However, one such bug that often perplexes users is the "Dump File Creation…
May 4, 2024

Winpilot (BloatyNosy): Debloat Your Windows 11 PC (Remove Bloatware)

Winpilot (formerly known as BloatyNosy), is a handy software partner that will give Windows antivirus without annoying and intrusive bloatware. Let's dive deeper into what it offers.
Apr 27, 2024

How to Take Screenshots on Potplayer?

PotPlayer is an all-purpose multimedia player created by South Korean company Kakao. This versatile media player is popular among users because of its extensive codec support and…

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