How to Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone?


  • The voicemail feature has been no less than a gem, yet it often causes problems.
  • So, if you want to eliminate problems, you can turn off voicemail with specific workarounds.
  • There’s even an option to enable it if required.
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You use the voicemail feature when you aren’t available for the next moment and have meetings lined up.


However, since it’s the digitized era, various other options are available to inform others, and seldom would you use the voicemail feature.

Besides, when you set it, the voicemail feature becomes problematic. Here’s where you would be searching for how to disable voicemail on your iPhone, and I’ve covered you all with it! 

How to Disable Voicemail on iPhone?

Unfortunately, there’s no built-in feature to turn off voicemail on iPhone entirely; therefore, you will have to use indirect methods or some workarounds. Let’s dig into the details!

1. By Using MMI Code

You can easily communicate with your local service providers using the MMI codes, also known as man-machine interface codes. Using the MMI code is the fastest method for deactivating iPhone voice messages.

Follow the steps given below to switch off the voicemail on your iPhone through the MMI code:

  1. Open the ‘Phone’ application.
  2. Enter *#004# and tap the ‘Dial’ symbol.
iPhone Dialer *#004# - Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone
  1. You ought to now see the message ‘Setting Deactivation Succeeded’.
  2. To leave, tap “Dismiss.”

This code thus turns off voicemail on your device.

 2. By Contacting Your Calling Carrier Company

You can contact your calling carrier companies to turn off voicemail on your iPhone. Every carrier provider has a dedicated number, so you should check Google. Yet the most important ones are listed below: 

  • T-Mobile: 1-877-453-1304
  • Verizon: 1-800-922-0204
  • AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
  • Run: 888-211-4727

So, whenever you interact with the provider, note the details they share or their requirements to turn it off.


3. Use An External App

Various apps on the AppStore allow you to turn off the voicemail on iPhone feature. Proceeding with a free and reliable app is always a wise choice. 

Follow the steps given below to do so: 

  1. Download the application from the AppStore. “NO MORE VOICEMAIL
No More Voicemail App - Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone
  1. When the installation completes, open the app
  2. Tap ‘Get everything rolling’ to begin the process
  3. Enter your email to join.
  4. After effective enlistment, the application will show the ‘Enactment Code’ on the screen.
  5. Copy the code by tapping the ‘Copy’ button.
  6. Paste the code into the Telephone application and tap the ‘Dial’ symbol.
  7. A call will presently be made through code and separated rapidly.

Now, open the application once more and complete the affirmation cycle. In the wake of finishing these means, you can have confidence that you won’t get any phone voicemails.

How Do I Turn On My iPhone’s Voicemail?

If you aren’t available for a long time and face an issue reaching out to everyone, the voicemail feature is handy. Even the vice-versa happens! However, you have already turned it off, so how?


Well, enabling the voicemail feature on iPhone directly is possible.

Follow the steps given below to do so: 

  1. Launch the “Phone” app.
  2. Tap ‘Phone message’ (Follow the prompts if doing so starts a call).
  3. Tap the “Set Up Now” button if your iPhone does not initiate a call when you tap “Voicemail.”
iPhone Voicemail - Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone
  1. Put in your “Voicemail Password” here.
  2. Record your ‘Voice message Secret word.’
  3. Tap ‘Done’ to finish setting up your secret word.
  4. Set up your phone message welcoming (Custom or Default).
  5. Tap the ‘Save’ button once you record your hello or pick to choose the default welcoming.

Note: If your voicemail is already set up, you won’t see the option to create a password.


How could I delete voicemail on my iPhone?

Crippling voice messages can be valuable in the circumstances like travel or while confronting specialized issues with the voice message highlight. Some users would instead not rely on voicemail to manage their calls.

If I turn off voicemail, will people who call be told?

Could I, at any point, actually get calls assuming the voice message is crippled?


Disabling the voicemail feature on iPhone seems a daunting task as there’s no direct approach in the iOS Settings.

Yet, you can turn it off using MMI codes, contacting a carrier provider, or using a third-party app. The best method to achieve this is to use the MMI codes for turning off the feature.


Moreover, once you have already disabled it, you can enable it if required. 

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