IBM Smartwatch Patent Shows Transformation of it into an 8’x12″ Tablet

ibm smartwatch
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In a few months, we have come across many new technologies that are going to transform the smartphone experience like foldable smartphones from Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi and rollable smartphones from Sony.


According to a recent report by LetsGoDigital, IBM patents a smartwatch that will actually fold out to be an 8-panel tablet or 4-panel smartphone.

ibm smartwatch
IDM Illustration

IBM Smartwatch

The above image shows exactly what they are going to build. The smallest panel that we can see the IBM smartwatch is of 2×3 inches. And it folds out into a tablet of 8-panels and a smartphone of 4-panels which will be of 8×12 inches and 4×6 inches in actual measurement respectively.

The special feature of this design is that among the seven main screen help screen parts are stored. These displays can be independent of the enclosure. The watch case has space for four compartments, in which each up to two display share is stored.

ibm smartwatch

The patent suggests that this device will have a single speaker unit and can work with an optional mouse and physical keyboard. There appear to be no details on optics present and also no details about the internal hardware.

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