Top Most Interesting and Educative Games You Can Play on Android in 2022

Smartphone Gaming
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You can get a series of games to play on Android, and most players almost get spoiled for choice. Of course, you can play these games as a pass-time thing during leisure. However, most people want games that are a challenge.


Try getting suggestions from friends or family on which game to choose whenever you need to play. Here are some hot choices for you:

Smartphone Gaming
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Drift Racing Games

The pleasure to drive cars is not available to everybody, so some people would find it fulfilling to do it virtually on video games. Furthermore, drifting games can offer a fascinating driving experience because of the actual car engine sounds and a more comprehensive selection available to gamers.

The Car X racing game is one of Android’s most famous drift games. It is fun to play and can be an effective way to spend your lazy day.


The Townscaper game can build your creativity when it comes to project initiation. It is one game that does not need to set particular objectives or goals. Instead, you get every resource you need to create a town of your choosing.

The only limitation players experience with this game is the area size for building. The splashes produced when you touch your screen indicate the number of structures dropped in the area.

Adding different blocks determines what you create on the space ranging from colossal towers to tiny cottages.

It is one of the games you play to learn how to create an attractive area, and not primarily for achievements or scores.

Neo Monsters

Pokemon lovers would enjoy this game. It is one of the most fun games you can find on the play store. It is more of a chasing game, where you create any collection of monsters by hunting around before engaging in a stiff battle.


After creating your collection, different leagues get arranged for you, and you can be named a champion once you win.

Impossible Road

Some players consider this latest version a little more possible than before because of the shaded definition on the ball against the white background.

However, it is still an impossible game to win because the ball lacks directional momentum when passing through corners. In addition, the ball’s weight makes it difficult for players to track it through turns, chicanes, bumps, and twists.

The right and left controls to help you rotate tracks around the ball, and you can easily get repulsed into the all-white region, meaning game over for you. It is a good option for those who love racing games and need a shift.


Cover Fire

Lovers of shooting games should make Cover Fire top of the list. It is easy to play, and you can still enjoy it even without the internet. It has remarkable graphics, and side missions can earn you weapons, gold, and new characters.

You may not win the game, but you can still learn different shooting basics since the game primarily focuses on shooting.

The Cover Fire game consists of different missions like demolition, sniper, and assaults. Therefore, it should be a perfect game for anyone looking to learn such concepts.


You can find various fun games to download and play on your screen. Choosing your favorite games should be based on the adventure you want and the time you want to play.

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