iPhone 13 First Impressions From an Android User: Subtle Improvements!

Apple iPhone 13
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I recently purchased the iPhone 13 and the whole experience has been quite amazing. In this article, I am going to share my iPhone 13 first impressions.


Because of the shortage of stocks for iPhones, it was really hard to get one online. So I had to get it from an offline store.

For your context, I got the iPhone 13 in Blue color with 128GB of internal storage. 

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iPhone 13 Unboxing and Accessories(Or the Lack of It)

iPhone 13 First Impressions
img: Siddhant Choudhary/TechLatest

By now, you might have seen hundreds of unboxing videos of the iPhone 13. For me, it was the first time buying any Apple device and I was surprised by how minimal the packing is for the iPhone 13.

There are just two pull tabs at the top and bottom. You take them off and open the box and that’s it. You get the handset itself with some paperwork and the USB-C to lightning cable. 

Yes! There is no charger in the box and frankly, I do not like their whole reason for it. I ordered the charger online as it was on sale and the charger literally came with more plastic packaging than the phone itself. 

iPhone 13 and power adapter
img: Siddhant Choudhary/TechLatest

So if saving the environment is your reason for not supplying the charger, then why add so much plastic while shipping it?

Design and Display

The design of the iPhone 13 is just perfect for me. It is a single-hand phone so you can use it with ease. It just lies perfectly in the middle where it is neither too big nor too small.


The very first thing I noticed after holding the phone was how heavy the phone felt in my hand. The phone is a bit on the heavy side and it feels solid. The overall design of the diagonal cameras and squared-off edges make it look beautiful. 

iPhone 13 hands on
img: Siddhant Choudhary/TechLatest

Then another thing that anyone can immediately notice is the display. It is one of the most stunning OLED displays I have ever seen on a phone.

The colors are crisp and vibrant. Everything feels quite smooth even when the display comes with a refresh rate of just 60Hz. Apple is known for making its product look aesthetically appealing and the iPhone 13 is no exception. 

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I think the first thing anyone does after purchasing an iPhone is to test the cameras. Well, the cameras on this one are just phenomenal. I took some sample shots from the main wide camera and they look so realistic and vibrant.

The ultrawide also does a great job of capturing details from the entire frame. Because of the bigger sensors, you get a good natural blur.

The portrait mode is also great and it takes some stunning shots. I still haven’t tested the Cinematic mode which is said to create cinema-grade videos.

I will be talking in-depth about the cameras in a dedicated camera review for the iPhone 13. Here are some shots just for reference.  



The charging speeds on the iPhone are not one of the greatest. In fact, they are far behind the competition. Battery life has always been a matter of concern for iPhone users. With iPhone 13, Apple promised up to 2 hours of more battery life than its predecessor. 

Now don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 13 can easily last a day for normal users. But for a power user like me, it struggles to push through the entire day with a single charge. For me, that is a bit disappointing. And the slow charging speeds also don’t help.

The bottom line is that the battery on the iPhone 13 is OKAY! 


The iPhone 13 has one of the best speakers on any mobile phone. They are sufficiently loud and they are very clear as well. The stereo speaker system is just a treat to listen to. 


Migration from Android to iOS: Initial Impressions

This is where I have two completely different thoughts. At first, iOS didn’t seem that good to me. But now that I am using it for a while, it feels super smooth. 

Here are two important things that you should know: iOS is not this next-level OS that completely changes your way of working. It slowly grows on you when you learn it. After that, iOS is very smooth and you enjoy every aspect of it. 

Another important thing to know is that the true experience of using social media is through iOS! All the apps like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat feel so smooth to operate on iOS, it almost feels like that these apps are made for iPhones. 

As of now, I am really enjoying iOS 15 and learning it on the go. I will be sharing more of it in the full review of the iPhone 13.


Closing Phrase

So that was all about iPhone 13 first impressions. I like the compact form factor of this phone. The thing is, switching to an iPhone is not like upgrading to some next-level gadget.

Instead, there are subtle and important upgrades and improvements that you notice and admire. For example, switching between apps on iPhone 13 is smoother, using social media is great, the cameras are just insanely good, the speakers are great.

So all of these subtle upgrades make up for a great experience that you get with an iPhone. 

Stay tuned for the camera review and a complete long-term review of the iPhone 13.


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