Leaks Suggest that Pixel 5a, Foldable Pixel are Coming Next Year

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Some internal leaks suggest that Pixel 5a, Foldable Pixel are on its way and coming next year. An internal document from Android suggests that Google has lineup its Pixel 5a, foldable Pixel, and some other smartphones for the fourth quarter of next year.


Leaks Suggest that Pixel 5a, Foldable Pixel are Coming Next Year

According to a report from 9to5 Google, an internal Android document reviewed by them, which suggests that Google is designing Android builds for Google Pixel 5a, Foldable Pixel, and at least two more devices. The reviewed document comprises a list of all publicly-launched Pixel devices which are running on builds of Google’s mobile operating system.

The reviewed document consisted list of devices from Pixel 2 to Pixel 4a, and even Pixel 4a 5G, also Pixel 5a (which is unannounced yet). The document has a list of builds of devices with codenames, Pixel 5a seems to be codenamed as “barbette”, and the list also has other codenames including “raven,” “oriole,” and “passport”, these codenamed devices pointing toward upcoming Pixel devices which may launch in next year’s fourth quarter.

Pixel 5a, Foldable Pixel

It is said that “raven” and “oriole” could be the codename of “Pixel 6” models, whereas “passport” is explicitly referring to a foldable device. So we can expect that along with Pixel 5a, Foldable Pixel and two other Pixel devices are also in the lineup. And all three codenames, “raven,” “oriole,” and “passport”, are labeled as “Q4 2021,” from here we got to know that these devices are scheduled to be launch in the fourth quarter of next year.

The leaked and reviewed document also suggest that Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 are scheduled for October launch as these devices are labeled with a keyword “fall” and notably the same documents also mention the delay in Pixel 4a, as it is labeled as “delay”. Pixel 5a is labeled with a different launch time frame, i.e. “Q2 2021″, as it is described as a “lower end mid-year device”.

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