Tips for Locating a Missing China Post Package

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The misplacement of packages can cause significant frustration, particularly when the item in question holds considerable value, and you’re pretty eager about its delivery.


Whether you are a business proprietor or an individual consumer, ensuring that your package reaches its intended recipient punctually and in excellent condition is paramount. To this end, package tracking is a crucial practice.

However, when a package is lost, tracking it down can prove to be an intimidating task, mainly when dealing with China Post, one of the most extensive postal services worldwide.

But don’t worry; there is an innovative and economical solution to help you track down your missing package by using the China Post tracking solution by independent parcel tracing services. 

China Post

What is China Post? 

China Post is the government-operated official postal service in China, responsible for facilitating the timely delivery of correspondence and parcels within and beyond China’s borders.

With a staggering network of over 82,000 post offices and an impressive workforce of over one million personnel, China Post is the world’s largest postal service.

The extensive range of services offered by China Post includes express delivery, logistics, e-commerce, and financial services, all geared towards catering to the diverse needs of its extensive customer base.

Why do Packages go Missing? 

There are several reasons why packages may go missing, including:

  • Incorrect Address: If the address provided is inaccurate or incomplete, the package may be delivered to the wrong location, or it may not be delivered at all. 
  • Custom Issues: If the package is held up in customs for inspection, it may take longer to reach its intended destination. 
  • Transportation Delays: If there are transportation delays, such as weather conditions or mechanical problems, the package may take longer to arrive. 
  • Theft: Unfortunately, theft is a common problem regarding package delivery, especially if the package contains valuable items. 

What to Do if Your Packages Go Missing?

If your packages go missing, there are a few steps you can take to try and locate them. First, check with the carrier to see if they have any information on the whereabouts of your package.


They may have attempted delivery and left a notice. If the carrier has no information, check with your neighbors to see if they mistakenly received the package.

It’s also a good idea to contact the sender and let them know what’s happening. They may be able to file a claim with the carrier or send a replacement package.
If you are not able to access any tracking information on tracking websites, you also need to :

  • Make sure that you are in possession of the correct tracking number; tracking IDs are often mistaken with order numbers; if you are not sure about your tracking ID, reach out to the sender or seller.
  • Ensure that you have been sent the correct tracking for your parcel in cases when the package is shown to be heading toward another country.
  • Note that even though tracking numbers are supposed to be “unique,” in fact, they are not. They are reused on a 12-month basis, and it might, in some cases, display the wrong path for your order; if that’s the case, try various tracking services, like Ordertracker but also ParcelsApp and 17track. 

How Can Ordertracker Help? 

The tracking platform is an intelligent solution that can help you track down your missing China Post package or just any other courier. The following are the steps to track your parcel via Ordertracker:

Enter your tracking number


Upon obtaining your China Post tracking number, just input it into the website or the tracking app.

Track your package

The tool will promptly provide real-time updates regarding your package’s status, including its current location and expected delivery time.

Get notification of delays


If your package has any delays or problems, it will notify you. This will enable you to take the necessary measures and actions and prevent losses. 

Avail of customer service support

If you have any inquiries or concerns about your package, the platform provides access to the carrier’s customer support. 

Why Use parcel tracking?

Package trackers offer several benefits, making it a smart order monitoring solution for tracking your missing China Post package. These benefits include:



Online tracking is available 24/7, allowing you to track your package at any time from anywhere. You don’t have to wait on hold or speak to customer service representatives to get the information you need.

Real-time updates

The website provides real-time updates on the status of your package, allowing you to stay informed and take action if necessary.


Peace of mind

With an accurate package tracker, you can rest assured that your parcel is being tracked and monitored, giving you peace of mind and reducing the stress and frustration of missing packages.


Tracking a package is completely free for tracing down your missing package and for any post. If you own a website, you can integrate a tracking page within your store, with paid plans, and use the service to find the best courier services in order to provide the quickest and safest 


Final thoughts

If you find yourself grappling with an undelivered package from China Post, rest assured that third-party tracking services present a viable solution.

You can easily track your package, receive prompt updates in real time, and access customer support services as required.

Therefore, don’t succumb to anxiety when dealing with a missing China Post package. Do not hesitate to reach the sender if you cannot find information; note that they are the only ones able to signal any issue to the postal services.

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