Top 10 Android Launchers in 2019

Top 10 Android Launchers
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Here we are with a list of Top 10 Android Launchers in 2019. Android Launchers are the interface or we can say Android Launchers are the way by which users can interact or assemble their apps on their smartphones or any device using Android as Operating System. Every smartphone has its own launcher but if they slow down their performance so we have numerous third-party launchers to boost up the performance of the device. Let’s have a look at Top 10 Android Launchers which will work as a boon for our devices and to give them a new fresh look.


Top 10 Android Launchers of 2019

1. NOVA Launcher

Top 10 Android Launchers

Nova is considered as the best Android Launcher and whenever best launchers are analyzed Nova is always at the top because it is the highly customizable launcher for modern Android system and provide simply superb smooth performance. It provides so many customizing features like Custom Grid, Scrollable Dock, Drawer groups, Gestures and many more features which makes Nova as best Android Launcher.

2. POCO Launcher

Top 10 Android Launchers

POCO launcher being one of the best Android Launcher as it will convert your device something like POCO F1 by Xiaomi. This launcher has all the latest features of Android and also some better characteristics as all apps are organized by categories and at the same time you will have color options to change the color of icons of apps. POCO launcher is ideal for all smartphones who support Android. This launcher will smoothly run on all Android devices to make your phone neat and tidy and way more attractive than before.

3. Hyperion

Hyperion is an outstanding launcher that let you arrange your apps however you want. It combines some best strand of some launchers like Nova launcher and Pixel launcher to provide new and unconventional features to Hyperion launcher. This launcher has thousand of features which will help to use your device in a much better and easier way.

4. Microsoft

Microsoft launcher comes with a number of themes and different features which will add some more characteristics to your Android device. It is also known as Arrow Launcher. The launcher integrates the features of Android and Microsoft.

5. Rootless Pixel

Top 10 Android Launchers

Pixel launcher can provide you feel like Pixel smartphones from Google. This launcher will give you all the features of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone by google.

6. Niagara

Niagara launcher is practical and graceful launcher which provide quick access to the apps which are mostly used by you. It provides you limited but useful features. It provides a manageable, uncomplicated and empirical interface.

7. ap15 Launcher

ap15 is a lightweight launcher. All it is focused upon minimization, by providing selected important elegant characteristics and it increases the efficiency of the system.

8. EVIE Launcher

Top 10 Android Launchers

In the world of so many featured, heavily loaded launcher if you are finding a simple and sophisticated launcher so Evie launcher will be best suited to you.


9. Action Launcher

Top 10 Android Launchers

Action Launcher is one of the perfect launchers you could use as it has all the features you need and have too much quick access to all features like it has Quickdrawer, Quicktheme, Quick page and many more fast accessing tools.

10. Launcher iOS 13

Launcher iOS 13 is a new launcher for android with some features of iOS 12 and most of iOS 13. By using Launcher iOS 13 your smartphone will act much powerful and be more personal than it has been ever before.

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