Top 5 Best Free Alternatives for Netflix

Free Alternatives for Netflix
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Netflix is all fun to watch and enjoy but when it comes to the subscription plans offered by Netflix, it is just not very likable and in many cases, it is just unaffordable.


So for all of you broke people out there, it is always good to have some free alternatives for Netflix, right?

In this article, we have listed the top 5 best free alternatives for Netflix in 2022 that you can use right now and enjoy some great content.

Best Free Alternatives for Netflix


Free Alternatives for Netflix

Well, YouTube is actually the answer for pretty much every content you would want to watch ever. It is absolutely free and the genres are never-ending.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are, you can get tons of videos that can be short movies, movies, podcasts, documentaries or anything on the subject that you are interested in.

With YouTube, you can go down to all the rabbit holes that you have always wished and it is just about getting into the rhythm.


Free Alternatives for Netflix

BeeTV is one of the best mobile apps that can be used to stream pretty much everything that is available on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others.

It is very simple to use and the search feature works like magic providing you the exact things that you ask for.

With a vast library, what makes BeeTV so good is the video playing options. Just by clicking the Watch button, you get many links that offer different video qualities and you can play them directly or you can also download them and that makes it one of the best free alternatives for Netflix.



Free Alternatives for Netflix

Vudu is a very great movie rental service that people use to rent movies but not only that, it also has over 3,000 movies and 250 TV shows that are available for free.

A lot of the other platforms are often not so family-friendly and this is also a good point about Vudu that you can get a lot of great family-friendly movies on the platform.

The only bad part about it is that it only has old content available for free. Content after 2010 is not free on the platform and you have to rent it.


Free Alternatives for Netflix

Crackle is a very old platform that has been around for a while and still it is one of the most reliable platforms to find movies and stuff.


The thing with Crackle is, which is the case with a lot of other free services as well, that it does not have a lot of new releases.

However, it still has some of the best movies of all time that you can just stream and watch to have a fun time.


Free Alternatives for Netflix

ThopTV is also one of the best free alternatives for Netflix and any streaming service in general. It is great for streaming.

ThopTV pretty much all the shows and movies from Netflix and a lot of other OTT platforms too that you can watch for free.


It is one of the best streaming apps out there and you can get all the content from all the major OTT platforms that you can watch and download.

So these were the top 5 best free alternatives for Netflix in 2022, do try them and let us know which one is the best.

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