WWDC 2024: Apple’s Latest Technological Innovations That You Might Have Overlooked


  • WWDC 2024: Practical AI and Enhanced Siri Unveiled.
  • iOS 18: Customization, Improved Search, and Privacy Boosts.
  • Apple Ecosystem: Activity Pause, Smart Script, and iPhone Mirroring.
WWDC 2024 Apple's latest technological innovations that you might have overlooked (A compilation from June 10–14)
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As with any Apple event, each WWDC brings a shower of novelties and fresh developments to aggravate the company’s progress.


As expected, AI was a major theme at WWDC 2024, and this could be seen with the major focus on Artificial Intelligence.

As large headlines focused on Siri’s transformation and Apple Intelligence, it is also crucial to draw attention to other inventions.

WWDC 2024: The Most Recent Technical Advancements from Apple That You May Have Missed

There are issues related to the politicization of artificial intelligence research, where machine learning takes on an almost patriotic standpoint, or one company’s approaches to AI are inherently superior to that of another.

Apple was very rational when it came to AI at WWDC this year and differentiated itself from rivals such as Google and Amazon etc.

The new suite, part of the proposed Apple Intelligence, is an attempt to make AI work in the background on various tasks.

This is spiced up by smarter writing suggestions, SIRI which is contextually aware, and AI-based image generation tools that will run locally on your device.

Apple continues to advocate for privacy and most of the AI process or calculations are done locally or within Apple’s infrastructure.

Innovative Improvements that comes with New iOS 18

iOS 18
Image Credits: Apple

Apple has frequently abode beforehand criticism and establishment conformist appetites for change, and iOS 18 has arrived for iPhone users.


You can easily now place apps, and widgets on the home screen at any position independent of the grid layout.

Custom color for dark MODE icons personalizes the icons. IPad spotlight search also gets a boost using natural language queries to help you search for content within applications.

Siri’s Enhanced Capabilities

Apple Intelligence
Image Credits: Apple

Siri has been improved, and it is now even more of a contender for other smart assistants. It now recognizes and works on natural language hints better, which has enhanced the users’ experience.

Furthermore, Siri works hand in hand with OpenAI’s ChatGPT so that in case one needs to be more precise with the instructions, typing them down is possible.


Pursuing Security and Privacy in the Future

Apple Security
Image Credits: Apple

Apple continues to cement its position as the best when it comes to the privacy of its users through iOS 18.

The new operating system increases app permissions on the use of the address book to allow the user to decide on sharing individual contacts.

It also adds the capability to lock down app usage on an app level and for the user to be authenticated before the app is unlocked adding to the security.

Apple Watch’s Long-Awaited Feature

Image Credits: Apple

Currently, individuals who use the Apple Watch for monitoring the activity rings shall benefit from the available feature of stopping this function with the release of iOS 18.


It’s convenient when you have flu, flying, or want to rest for a while: this new option is more appropriate and versatile.

Updates Across Apple’s Ecosystem

Apple’s Ecosystem
Image Credits: Apple

Apple did not restrict its vision to iPhones only. The interface is represented by the Apple TV+ app which comes with the ‘InSight’ option that offers details on actors and songs featured in the sequence.

The new “Smart Script” in Notes for cleaning up handwriting with the help of machine learning is plusses up the iPad; Apple also serves up a dedicated Calculator app with extra features. macOS Sequoia brings iPhone mirroring that allows users to use their iPhone wirelessly through Mac.

Developer-Focused Announcements

Image Credits: Apple

The conference also addressed developers and included such novelties for the year 2024 as tools and additional tools.


These are features that can be incorporated into apps such as new AI features, new commerce API for making in-app purchases, and winback for targeting those who once downloaded the app but are no longer engaging on it.

Several novelties were presented at WWDC 2024, with a focus on AI, but at the same time improving the fundamental elements familiar to users.

iOS 18 means customization is on its way, security changes are in the coming years along with many updates for the Apple devices we are yet to see.

Wrapping It All

In summary, WWDC 2024 unveiled Apple’s latest advancements, focusing on AI integration and enhancements to core features. iOS 18 offers increased customization and security, while Siri and the Apple Watch receive notable upgrades.


Across the ecosystem, from iPad to macOS, users can anticipate improved functionality and a seamless experience. Developers also have new tools to innovate further. WWDC 2024 underscores Apple’s commitment to pushing boundaries while prioritizing user satisfaction and privacy.

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