How to Fix YouTube Black Screen Error on Phone and PC?

YouTube Black Screen Error
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Has your youtube screen become black? Are you seeing a youtube black screen while playing Youtube videos on your device? Is the black screen annoying you?


On one fine day, you are enjoying some youtube videos from your favorite channel and suddenly the Youtube Screen becomes black, and the video stops. Just imagine how frustrating it could be, but don’t get sad here we are.

We are here today with possible solutions for it. Check out our article till the end for your solution.

Not only you, Today when it comes to online video sharing platforms then Youtube comes in the top list.

Whether we want to buy a product or have a live review or have a panoramic view of the places we want to visit or have a topic to explore, then we browse Youtube. Not only these it provides different varieties of videos and short content for you.

Youtube has become a vital part of our daily life and a study shows that 3 billion users visit Youtube every day and watch a minimum average of 40 minutes of videos.

YouTube Black Screen Error

Reasons Behind YouTube Black Screen Error

Let’s discuss the reason for the Youtube Black Screen.

  1. Your device might have some problems.
  2. Your Software might have encountered an error.
  3. Your connection might not be strong or down at that time.
  4. The video you are trying to play might not be available in your region or might be private
  5. The browser you’re using hasn’t loaded the page correctly.
  6. Ads & Extension Interference.

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How to Fix YouTube Black Screen Error on Phone and PC

We are going to take each error and will discuss their solutions,


Error 1: Device Problem

Sometimes the Youtube black screen appears when your device might have struck or had some glitch due to its activity lag or software issue.                    

In that case, just restart your device and check that your device is up to date with the latest patches.

Also, check that your device has the latest and fresh drivers to play the video, if not just update the driver or reinstall if they have crashed.

Along with that, check the device date and time correctly, as video playback occurs in real-time.


Error 2: Software Encountered an Error

This is the most common cause. The video gets stuck due to glitches and cache problems.

So in that case what you need to do is, just clear your cache or uninstall and reinstall the software on your device. The reinstallation will fix any error with the application.

Error 3: Slow Connection

This might be due to your network error



Connection speed not optimum at that time


There might be some problem with your Internet Service Provider.                                                     

 In that case, you can install a network monitoring app like SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, PRTG Network Monitor, Netspot, etc.These can help you with the exact cause of the problem.


You can find Netspot details here,

Error 4: Video Not Available for Your Region or Private

Sometimes you see a black screen because the video you are trying to play is not available or restricted for a particular set of regions as there are youtube policies and licensing issues for different regions which restrict you to view the content.

Also, sometimes even the creator may have removed the video or might have kept a few videos private as it might have been confidential and for particular cases.

In the former case, you can access the videos using a secured Virtual Private Network(VPN), by directing your traffic to other countries like the USA. In the latter case, there is no solution as such.


Now for the VPN, we recommend safer and secure VPNs like Nord and ExpressVPN.

The above VPNs are safe & superfast too and help your surf seamless videos while being private.

Other VPN you can use are Surfshark & CyberGhost.

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Error 5: Browser Loading Issues

There might be the case that the browser you are using hasn’t loaded the video properly or there might be bugs causing loading issues. 

Your browser stores the cache in the form of the pre-fetched video cache so that there is continuity, but this cache might also crash causing an error and stopping the video.

Just launch your browser again or try the link in the new tab, it might solve the issue.

If the above doesn’t solve the problem try,

  • updating your browser to the latest version
  • check out  with another browser
  • check by logging out of your account & playing video in guest mode.

Also, we recommend using standard browsers such Chrome, Firefox & Safari to prevent compromise of your data.

Error 6: Ads and Extensions Interference

Sometimes ads and extensions do interfere with the video.Just disable the stuff for some time, even you can use adblocker plug-ins for that.

The extensions can be disabled under the add-ons section in your browser.

Do note that blocking ads may even stop playing video as improperly placed ads may interfere with the video.


Few plugins & data reset using system-specific optimizer tools,will solve the problem of your browser loading the video for you.

Closing Phrase

Lastly, Do let us know in the comment section that our possible worked for you? Did you fix the YouTube Black Screen Error?

Also, Do drop down in comment section any topics that you want us to take up and we will explore that for you.

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