How to Check Twitch Chat Logs?

How to Check Twitch Chat Logs?
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Are you not sure how to check Twitch chat logs? Look no further, as here we will provide all the information about how to do that and the reasons one should check twitch logs.


Twitch is a video streaming platform, and it is the go-to place for gamers who like watching streams or streaming their favorite games. Along with gaming, they can also interact with streamers via chat. This has become a way of life for quite a lot of people. 

How to Check Twitch Chat Logs?

However, if you are a streamer, then you should always be sure to check your chats. The reason is that there are quite a lot of people out there who pollute the chat by using hate speech, hurtful comments, etc. So, here is how you can check twitch chat logs and monitor the comments. 

Why Should You Check Twitch Chat Logs?

Twitch Chat Logs are records of all the messages left on your channel by users, and the size of these logs is proportionate to the size of your channel. 

How to Check Twitch Chat Logs?

Streamers don’t generally analyze their channel logs but doing that can be very helpful. This doesn’t just help in monitoring comments but also in finding new content ideas and also in improving the content that you are currently streaming. So how do you check them? 

Every single negative comment or positive comment is like useful data for the streamer. If the audience reacts poorly to the new stream, then the streamer can implement changes in the content.

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs?

There are different ways of checking chat logs on Twitch, but it depends on whether the person is a viewer, streamer, or moderator. We will provide you with information on all three types. 

Let’s start with Viewer. 

How Can Viewers Check Twitch Chat Log?

The options for viewers to check Twitch chat log is quite limited, and they can check the chat logs using VODs. VODs are nothing but archives that contain the previously streamed content on Twitch. 


There was another program called OverRustle that was used to store the chat logs of all other channels, but this was banned as it violated the data-sharing rules of Twitch. 

How Can Streamers Check Twitch Chat Log?

Streamers can check their chat logs by a variety of methods, and those are 

Using A Chatbot

Twitch has quite a few Chatbots, and among them, Nightbot is the most famous. This chatbot collects chat data, filters said data, and also help with moderation. 

The only issue with chatbots is that they don’t check chat logs that they are not a part of. So, if your previous chats are not stored, then you will lose the said data. 


User Search Commands

These search commands help you to check all the messages written by users while you are streaming. The commands will also help you in checking the timeout received by the user, the entire chat history of the user, reevaluation of bans, and also all the mod comments on the user. 

The command /User username can be used to check their chat history as well. 

Third-Party Programs Like Chatty

There are quite a lot of third-party programs that can store all chats on your local storage, and those files can be accessed offline as external files. This is a better solution if you plan on keeping a lot of chat logs. 

Chattys is the best program for this as its interface has been inspired by classic IRC clients. You just need to make a new account and provide your Twitch account info to start using it. 



Using VODs is the better option as they store around 14-60 days’ worth of VOD, but that depends on the status of your account. It is very easy to use, but the only issue is that you need to watch the whole video. This method also lets you see the comments removed by moderators. 

How Can Moderators Check Twitch Chat Log?

Moderators are required to do their jobs by viewing chat logs, but there are only two options by which they can check twitch chat logs, and those are

  • VODs
  • Moderator View

We’ve already talked about VODs and how great of an option they are. Now, let us see what a Moderator View (also known as Mod View) means. 

Twitch provides moderators with a special interface known as Moderator View or Mod View. To use Mod view, one needs to click on the Sword icon at the lower right corner of the screen.


After that, you can click on any username and see the chat log and moderate in case of any improper comment. You can even ban the user on the basis of the severity of the comment made. 


And that is how you can check the Twitch chat logs. The chat logs can be downloaded as well, but there isn’t any reason to do that. But if you are someone who doesn’t like being online while doing that, then this would be a great option. We hope this has been of help to you. 

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