How to Reset PS5 Controller?


  • Learn how to soft reset your PS5 controller to resolve minor glitches and ensure a stable connection with your console.
  • Discover the steps for a factory reset to address persistent connection issues or malfunctions with your DualSense controller.
  • Explore options for further assistance through PlayStation Repair or Sony’s warranty for potential controller replacement.
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The soul of your PlayStation 5 gaming is represented by your DualSense controller. Nevertheless, sometimes we might face connection delays or unresponsive controls and our gaming hours become unbearable. 


Sometimes, it should be at the end of the other solutions but doing a complete reset can be beneficial. This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the PS5 controller’s soft and hard reset.

how to reset ps5 controller
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Soft Resetting Your PS5 Controller

Just like a hard reset, a soft reset will fix small kinks that will give back to your controller and PS5 console, and the two will be in a stable connection. Take these actions:

  1. Activate the PS5 controller: Press the PS button on your controller
  2. Press it Again: Hit PS once again to jump into the Control Center after the PS5 screen displays.
  3. Click on Accessories to start: Open the “Accessories” menu in the Control Center by moving the left analog stick or D-pad to the desired side.
  4. Switch off the controller: Press on the appropriate controller from the Accessories menu and select “Off,” which shuts down the light bar on the controller.
  5. (Optional) Reconnect the controller: If your controller was wired, click the PS button for the second time to make it work. It should be set to connect to your PS5 console automatically.

Move on to the hard reset technique given at the bottom if the soft reset doesn’t work.

Factory Reset Hard Resetting PS5 controller

A hard reset, also known as a factory reset, will delete all your stored data and settings, including installed updates, and will return your controller to its initial configuration. Apply this approach temporarily when faults or permanent connection problems persist

  • There is no PS5 controller linked to the console and the controller is off.
  • PS5 device is also not switched on.
  1. Find the button that resets: Flip over the controller to the side with the Sony logo and look for the small gap next to it on the back.
  2. Put in a tiny, sharp object: Pick up a small thing like the sharp side of a pen or a straightened paper clip to push the button down into the hole. If you are in the depths of the pit, you should hear a small click.
  3. For five seconds, hold on to: The light bar on the controller might flicker once or twice and then go off.
  4. Reattach the controller: Connect the DualSense controller to your PS5 console by using the USB-C that has been included in the box.
  5. Switch the controller on: To get the controller turned on with the PS5 system, press the PS button.

If, after taking these actions, your controller still shows connection troubles, then try the PlayStation Repair platform for additional help. Furthermore, if your console is under warranty, and the controller doesn’t work well, you can receive a new one from Sony.

Adhering to the steps will make you capable of restoring your PS5 controller and possibly solving such problems. Remember that soft reset is typically preferred, but hard reset is worth keeping for cases when other solutions won’t work.

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