How to Invert Colors on iPhone?

How to Invert Colors on iPhone?
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iPhones come with a variety of options to customize for visually, auditory, and motor impairment users. One such amazing feature that helps visually impaired users is color inversion.

How to Invert Colors on iPhone?

How to invert colors on iPhone?

Inverting colors will make the color opposite and make it easier for users with color blindness to read the text on the bright screen.

To invert the colors on iPhone, follow the step-by-step process given below:

  • Firstly, open the settings on your iPhone and navigate to the ‘Accessibility’ section.
  • Now, select the ‘Display and Text Size’ option.
  • Here, you will find two options: Smart Invert and Classic Invert. 

Smart invert means inverting the colors on the home screen and the lock screen. It will have slightly muted colors and does not impact the videos and photos saved on your iPhone.

Classic invert can invert the color of any image, video, or anything that appears on your screen. It includes the photos and videos saved on your iPhone as well. You can select the ‘Smart Invert’ or ‘Classic Invert’ option based on your preference.

How to Invert Colors on iPhone?

Once you select either of the options, the changes will get applied immediately.

How to Quickly Apply Inverted Colors on iPhone?

If you are using iPhone 12 or earlier version, you can follow the below-mentioned process to invert the colors on the iPhone.

Firstly, open the ‘Settings’ option on iPhone, navigate to the ‘General’ section, and tap on the ‘Accessibility’ option.

If you are using iOS 13, then:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Now, navigate to ‘Accessibility’ and click on the ‘Accessibility Shortcut’ option.

Now, select whether you want the Smart invert, Color invert, or both of them, and go back to the home screen.

How to Invert Colors on the Latest iPhone Models?

  • Firstly, open the ‘Settings’ option on your iPhone.
  • Now, scroll down and tap on the ‘General’ option.
  • Now, navigate to the ‘Accessibility’ option and then tap on the ‘Accessibility Shortcut’ option.
  • In the latest iPhone version, you need to press the side button three times to activate the color inversion.

Note: Even in the latest version of iPhones, you can select the types of color inversions like Smart inversion or Classic inversion and add them to the shortcut.


If you are unaware of how to invert colors on your iPhone, you can follow the steps mentioned above based on the iOS version you are currently using. Also, you can follow the shortcut method given above to switch between the normal mode and the color invert quickly.

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