Is Clawee Legit? Real Gifts for Certain Tasks?

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Clawee is an arcade-style claw game that requires you to purchase tokens or complete certain promotional events, to play the game. An Israeli company invented this game in 2017.


The players will also be rewarded with real gifts for completing certain tasks in the game. Clawee is currently available on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

However, many people have the query whether the Clawee game is genuine or another scam in the industry. In this article, we have given detailed information about the game and also discussed whether the app is legit or not.

What is Clawee?

Clawee is a mobile claw game that supports both iOS and Android. The players win gifts for controlling the claw machines through their mobile devices. It is considered to be one of the top arcade apps in the market. This app has millions of downloads on Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

When you play the game, you need to have a highly stable internet connection in order to watch the videos and guides to operate these claw machines.

As per the company, these claw machines are real, and it is not a simulation. Whenever a player wins a prize on this claw machine, he/she needs to pay the shipping costs to get the item delivered.

How Does Clawee Work?

Initially, when you sign up for the Clawee through your Facebook or Gmail account, you will be provided with 200 free Clawee coins to pick a beginner prize. As you move up the levels in Clawee, you will be rewarded with tokens.

Once you have sufficient tokens in your account, you can choose which item you would like to win and accordingly use these tokens to play the game. Once you decide on the item, the game takes you to the webcam that is pointed toward the claw machine. This warehouse is present in Israel.

The employees have to check for errors in the machine constantly, and they need to fill it up with rewards. There are three cameras that point toward the claw machine, which is a great advantage while playing the game.

Is Clawee Legit

The only downside of the Clawee app is that it is currently supported only in 14 countries.

Is Clawee Legit?

As per the reviews from the users, Clawee is a legit company, but the items you win in the game take ages to arrive. Moreover, one has to pay the shipping costs for the products. These shipping costs are expensive.

Also, if the products take more time to arrive, you cannot claim a refund of the shipping costs, as they are won but not purchased.

If anyone wants to keep playing the game continuously, they need to purchase the tokens, which are very expensive. If you need better toys, you need to shell out 400 coins or above. The packages to play the game start at $5.49 and goes up to $139.99.


People who do not want to pay for the shipping costs can also take up the premium Clawee membership that costs $7.50 per month.

Is Clawee Legit

As per the developer of this app, Clawee has delivered over 1 million gifts to the players so far. Though the idea of showcasing a virtual claw machine looks good, the shipping cost and the coin purchase seem too expensive.

What are the Prizes Available on Clawee?

Some of the commonly available prizes on the Clawee app are:

  • Keychains
  • Home goods
  • Figurines
  • Electronic Gift Cards
  • Animal plushies
  • School Supplies

Best Alternatives to Clawee App

If you are looking for apps that can help you win some redeemable coupons and gift cards, here are a few:


Mistplay: This is one of the popular gaming apps on Android. This app lets the players win gift cards for playing the new games.

Swagbucks: This is a popular rewards site that helps you get paid for shopping, answering surveys, and also for playing games.

Gamehag: This site rewards the players with free steam games, in-game skins, gaming gear, etc., for trying the new mobile and PC games.


In summary, Clawee is a legit website that delivers the promised prizes. However, one has to wait for ages to receive the prize. Also, the quality of the product being delivered by the Clawee team resembles a low-cost AliExpress product.

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