Best Ways to Remove Vocals and Extract Music from Songs

Extract Music from Songs
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All who have a hobby in music will know how important it is to extract music from songs and remove the vocals. For anybody who sings at a professional level or even just for fun loves experimenting with the lyrics and finds their own rhythm.


Sometimes it’s that beat that is just too good and you want to create your own lyrics for that. Overall, it is important to extract music from songs for people who perform live or sing.

In this article, we’re going to list some apps (for Android, iOS), software, websites that you can use to remove vocals and extract music from songs.

Remove Vocals and Extract Music from Songs

Using Web Apps (Websites)

Hey, if you do not wish to go through the long process of downloading an app and then doing this stuff, you can use websites too. Websites will easily remove vocals and extract the music for you. Vocal Remover by is the leading choice.

They use good technology to do this process and it’s just a bit easy using the websites. We are going to take an example of, and will learn how to remove vocals and extract music from songs.

First, go to the official website of LALAL.AI, and then click on the Select Audio File button.

extract music from songs

On clicking on the button, the file manager will pop up, navigate to the MP3 file, and select it.

extract music from songs

Then, the file will upload to the website, and then it will remove the vocals automatically.

extract music from songs

Finally, a new window will be opened with a few options, you can even check the preview and then you can process the audio.

extract music from songs

The two best alternatives for this purpose are listed below, just simply visit them, drop your files and the site will do the rest of the job.

Using Smartphone Apps

With more resources available and better technology, there are plenty of apps that can do the job of removing vocals and extract music.

These apps are available for both Android and iOS so you can easily use them on your smartphone. Here are some of the best and top-rated apps for both Android and iOS.

Super Sound (Android)

Super Sound is one of the top-rated apps on the Google Play Store, it can do a lot in terms of music editing.


You get many options like Edit audio, Trim audio, Remove vocals, and a lot of other stuff. Overall, the app is very great to work with and one of the best to extract music.

Download Now

SplitHit (Android)

SplitHit is another great music editing tool for Android, it is available for iOS too. You get a lot of features as it has a vocal remover, equalizer, instrument remover, and a lot of other fun stuff. The app is simple to use and fun too.

Download Now


GarageBand (iOS)

GarageBand is one of the best and top apps to remove vocals and extract music.

It is available on the app store and you can install it to do this job perfectly. It has a lot of other interesting features too that music lovers will enjoy.

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Vocal Remover Lite (iOS)

A very easy to use and fun app to remove vocals and extract music. The app is very simple and will do the job very easily for you. It is a must-try for everyone.  


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Using Software

If you have a PC at your home and you want to do it the professional and clean way, using software for the purpose is good then. We have listed some free and paid software that is the best to extract music from songs.

Audacity (Free)

Audacity is one of the best free software to remove vocals and extract music. It is available for both Mac and Windows.

The software is very effective and simple to use. Audacity just simply reduces vocals on a digital song file.

Best Ways to Remove Vocals and Extract Music from Songs 1

Avid Pro Tools First (Free)

Pro Tools is another great software, pretty much like Audacity it also does provide the feature to remove vocals and extract music. Pro Tools also has some more features that increase the overall quality of the new extracted music file.

It is available for both Mac and Windows.

Best Ways to Remove Vocals and Extract Music from Songs 2

FL Studio (Paid)

FL Studio is a paid software for Windows only and the best thing about it, it’s very good for beginners. You can reduce the vocals by using the audio canceling method. The software is easy to use and fun.

Adobe Audition (Paid)

extract music from songs

It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. You can trust in the name as it is one of the best software for this job. The layout is great, UI is wonderful, overall, it is just fun to work on it. Additionally, it has a lot of good features that will do wonders.


Logic Pro (Paid)

Logic Pro is available for macOS only and it is one of the best and the most powerful audio workstations out there. You can use this to remove vocals easily from songs.

Ableton Live (Paid)

Available for both Mac and Windows, Ableton Live is a very good and powerful software for removing vocals. You should definitely try this one as it is loved by many.

Closing Phrase

So, these were some of the best ways to remove vocals and extract music from songs.

There is no way that you can completely remove vocals from a song, but these apps, websites, and software do a very great job at reducing the vocals and making a perfect(almost) music only file for you.

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