Feb 17, 2023

Why Does My MacBook Fan Keep Running? 8 Ways to Fix It

Do you suspect that your Macbokm fan runs excessively? If you are thinking, why does my MacBook fan keep running? Click here to check it out!
Jan 24, 2023

How to Fix Self-assigned IP Address Error on Mac

The self-assigned IP address error on a MAC is a common issue when the device cannot obtain an IP address from the router or DHCP server. It…
Jan 16, 2023

Is Your MacBook Menu Bar Disappeared? Here’s How to Fix

Is your MacBook Menu Bar Disappeared? Are you trying to get it with a reboot but nothing works? If yes, click here to check out how it…
Feb 22, 2023

How To Record Facetime With Audio?

This feature is not only suitable for those who want to record a family call but also for those who decide to record a call or an…
iMessage Featured
Apr 19, 2022

Is iMessage Not Syncing on Mac? Here’s How to Fix

However, if you have noticed recently that all of a sudden your iMessage not syncing on Mac issues has started occurring then you are at the right…
Apr 1, 2022

How to Fix the “PDE.plugin will damage your computer” Error on Mac?

Have you ever seen the error “PDE.plugin will damage your computer” error come up on your Mac device all of a sudden? If you have then we…
Mar 17, 2022

How to Force Quit App in Mac?

Have you ever experienced a frozen app on your Mac that you were unable to close quickly? If yes, don’t worry; we'll show you step-by-step instructions on…
Apple Screen Time
Feb 23, 2022

How To Reset Screen Time Passcode (iPhone/iPad/Mac)?

Screen Time has been a unique feature found exclusively in the devices belonging to Apple Inc., monitoring the time a user spends on a specific device. However,…
Data Transfer
Feb 20, 2022

Best Ways To Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac

Turns out there are plenty of ways you can actually transfer files between iPhone and Mac so here’s what you should know about.
Safari Browser Featured
Dec 2, 2021

How to Block Websites in Safari Browser (iPhone, iPad, Mac)?

Do you want to block websites in Safari browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac? If so, then this article will explain how to do so effectively.  When…
Nov 30, 2021

5+ Free YouTube Downloader for Mac

Want to download videos to your PC? Well, this is where YouTube downloaders come into play. Here are some of the best yet free YouTube downloader for…
iMessage Featured
Nov 22, 2021

How to Fix if Messages not Syncing on Mac?

You can use iMessage on your Mac too. But a lot of people have complained about messages not syncing on Mac. Not to worry, I will be…
MacBook Air M1
Nov 19, 2021

How to Perform SMC Reset on Mac

If your Mac isn’t working properly, then doing an SMC reset might be the best option. SMC reset comes pretty handy when your Mac doesn’t work properly.…
Nov 16, 2021

[Fixed] “Can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software” Error

For mac users, an error like can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software is a pretty common one. The error usually appears when…
Apple Mac Systems
Nov 2, 2021

How to Delete Other Storage on Mac?

Are you wondering how to delete other storage on Mac? Or do you want to manage your Mac's storage? If so, you're in the right place. In…
Cast to Fire Stick
Oct 31, 2021

How to Cast to Fire Stick from Mobile and PC?

Casting on TVs running on Amazon Fire Stick from PC and mobile has become a piece of cake. It lets you display content from your PC or…

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