Xiaomi Patent Reveals Secondary Display Device with Quad-Camera Setup

secondary display device
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Xiaomi is reportedly working on a secondary display device with a quad-camera setup. And this will most probably their Mi Mix series. The company has patented the design where the phone sports a small secondary display at the back next to the camera module.


Xiaomi Secondary Display Device

secondary display device
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The above patent clearly shows us a completely bezel-less design. As per the patent, there is a secondary display at the rear portion of the phone along with the camera module. The square-shaped camera module has a space for 4 sensors which means there could be a quad-camera setup.

As there is no camera setup at the front side of the phone. We can predict that the phone will take benefit of quad-camera and the secondary display for selfies as well.

As well the secondary display is as small as the quad-camera housing. So most probably it will be used to show caller ID and notification alerts when the phone is placed facing down.

And the camera design can resemble the new Pixel 4’s camera setup and the secondary display can be seen in the new Motorola Razr, which is the latest foldable device from Motorola.


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