Agent Smith Malware Affected More Than 25m Android Devices

agent smith malware
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A malware named Agent Smith is infecting Android phones across the globe. More than 25 million Android device has already affected by this malware and specifically 15 million from India itself.


Agent Smith serves ads on the infected phones and it hides by changing its name to a regular-looking app. This malware is spreading through apps like 9Apps.

According to the research by a security firm Check Point, the malware looks for popular apps like WhatsApp, Opera Mini, or Flipkart, on a smartphone and then replaces portions of their code and prevents them from being updated.

agent smith malware
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But as of now, the malware doesn’t steal any for your data instead it forcibly shows the number of ads from the hacked apps or takes credit of the already serving ads so that the malware’s operator can profit off the fraudulent views.

Reportedly, once a user downloads the affected apps, the malware disguises itself as a Google-related app, with a name like “Google Updater,” and then begins the process of replacing the code on legitimate apps on the device.

agent smith malware
Source: Check Point

More on the agent smith malware is found in the popular smartphone brands across the globe. More precisely in India, the malware was found in about 26 percent of Samsung phones, 6.1 percent Xiaomi phones, 5.5 percent Vivo phones, and 5 percent Micromax phones.

Agent Smith Malware Precautions and Solutions

As Google has already cleaned the Play Store and removed all the suspect malicious apps.
Keep in mind the following security practices:

  • Don’t download apps from any of the third-party app stores.
  • If you are getting a huge number of ads then reinstall the popular apps like Whatsapp, Flipkart, etc.
  • Avoid downloading sleazy/disreputable apps and games from unknown sources.
  • While downloading an app, don’t provide any unnecessary permissions to the app. 

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