Is Your iPhone Flashlight Not Working? Here’s How to Fix

Is Your iPhone Flashlight Not Working? Here’s How to Fix
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Is your iPhone Flashlight not Working? Then you are in the right place, keep reading the article, we have compiled a few troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.


Despite the high reliability and stability of the iPhone, sometimes problems arise in their work. Often, users complain that the Flashlight does not turn on on the iPhone.

What can solve this problem without contacting a service center in most cases? We will discuss why this happens and how to eliminate it below.

Why is Your iPhone Flashlight Not Working? 

There are several possible reasons why the Flashlight won’t turn on on the iPhone:

  • An unstable OS version is installed, or an error has occurred during the firmware update process;
  • bug in firmware;
  • The option to turn on the flash during a call is not activated (refers to flashing the Flashlight during an incoming call);
  • Incorrectly executed jailbreak; 
  • moisture penetration. 
  • Mechanical damage as a result of a fall or impact.

Only in the last two cases qualified assistance cannot be denied since, to solve the problem, it is necessary to open the case and identify and replace faulty elements. In other situations, if the Flashlight does not light up on the iPhone, our advice will certainly help to solve the problem.

iPhone Flashlight Not Working as a result of a bug.

Bugs in iOS, although they are rare, do happen. For example, in iOS 14, many users encountered a situation where turning on the flash and Flashlight simultaneously caused the latter to turn off and not turn on again. Also, the Flashlight may refuse to turn off due to a bug.

The problem is solved within a few seconds by closing all the programs running in the background. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press Touch ID on an older smartphone or swipe up from the bottom on a newer smartphone. 
  • Quit all apps running in the background. 
  • Try turning on the Flashlight again.

If the Flashlight is still not working on your iPhone, try restarting your device.

If the problem occurs in the beta version of the operating system, write a message to the developers. However, it would be best if you did not count on quick responses in this case.


iPhone Flashlight Not Working due to update issues.

	 Is Your iPhone Flashlight Not Working? Here’s How to Fix

For all updates to go “smooth”, Apple recommends the following:

  • The battery level in the smartphone should not be less than 50%.
  • What must provide a stable internet connection?
  • There should be enough free space in memory.

During the update process, it is better not to touch the phone and not press any buttons. Wait till the process is completed.

If you have installed the beta version and after updating, Flashlight does not work on your iPhone, you can roll back the firmware to the stable iOS. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Back up all critical information.
  • Download and install the dr. Fone utility from the official website.
  • Launch the application and click the “Repair” button.
  • Then select “Standard Mode”.
  • Connect your smartphone to your computer.
  • The utility itself will determine the model and download the latest stable firmware.
  • Click the “Start” button to install the firmware and wait for the process to complete.

If the problem is related to an incorrect update, follow these steps:

  • Connect your device to your computer.
  • Launch iTunes or Finder, depending on your OS.
  • Press the keyboard shortcut used to perform the hard reset. It varies from model to model.
  • The application will offer to update or reinstall the OS. Choose another option.
  • Then follow the instructions on your smartphone.

What should take similar steps in case of failed jailbreak? If the Flashlight doesn’t turn on on an iPhone that hasn’t been updated for a long time, be sure to update it by following these steps:

  • If the charge level is below 50%, charge the device. 
  • Connect Wi-Fi connection.
  • In the smartphone settings, tap the “General” section and tap the “Software Update” submenu.
  • Tap Download and Install.
  • To start the process, tap on the “Install” button and wait for the process to complete.

The Flashlight does not turn on on the iPhone due to incorrect settings.

Users often complain that the Flashlight on the iPhone does not work during incoming calls; it does not blink. In this case, you need to enable this option by doing the following:

  • Tap on Accessibility in your smartphone’s settings.
  • Go to the “Audio Visualization” submenu. 
  • Now you have to Activate the “Flash for alert” option by moving the slider to the “On” position.


Why doesn’t the Flashlight on my iPhone turn on when I make a call?

How to Turn on Flash While Calling on iPhone Go to Settings. Select Accessibility. Scroll down and go to Audio Visualizations. At the bottom, activate the slider next to “Flash for warnings.”

How to Turn on Flashlight for Calls on iPhone?

Go to Settings – Accessibility—open Advanced Options, and then Flash Notification. Turn on Flash on Calls, Notifications and Alarms.


How to Shoot Video with Flash on iPhone?

	 Is Your iPhone Flashlight Not Working? Here’s How to Fix

Press the shutter button to take a picture. Then press the arrows to adjust settings like Flash, Live Photos, Timer, etc. If you want to shoot a QuickTake movie, press and hold the shutter button, and doing so will start shooting your video.


There can be many reasons why Flashlight is not working on iPhones, and our article has collected only the most important problems that can lead to such an unpleasant outcome.

Therefore, if you notice that restarting the iPhone did not bring results if the camera refuses to work with the flash and a system restore does not change anything. Immediately visit an Apple iLab service center.

Apple’s masters will conduct high-quality free diagnostics to identify the exact cause of the breakdown, agree with you on every detail and repair your iPhone to the highest level, so it works like new again.

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