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A passionate gadget freak, professional basketball player, and mountaineer. He started my internet journey in 2014 and love to experiment with Windows, Gadgets, Smartphones, and Drones. He is a pet enthusiast and volunteers for an NGO to rescue dogs.
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Xbox Controller
Apr 3, 2024

Can You Play Mario Kart On Xbox One?

Waiting for the summer vacations to waking up, passing via the Mushroom Kingdom, defying Bowser, and reaching your princess Mario has played a pivotal role. Fast forward…
Apr 12, 2024

Octordle Answer Today

If you arе a puzzlе lovеr, thеn you must havе hеard of Octordlе. Octordlе is a unique word puzzlе game that has gained much popularity among puzzle…
DeepCool AK620 Digital CPU Air Cooler
Mar 28, 2024

CPU Cooler for Intel Core i7-13700K: Our Top 7 Picks

How about shooting your opponents continuously, but suddenly, the actions start lagging? You have a DDR5 RAM working at 5,600MHz and a dedicated GPU, yet that's surprising.…
Apr 13, 2024

How to Unblock People on Xbox?

Do you miss your gaming buddy because of a misunderstanding, an impulsive reaction, or a mistake they made? It's quite common, yet when amongst your squad often,…
Jan 13, 2024

Best Platforms to Watch Hindi Movies Online Free

Bollywood is one of the Indian Hindi-language movie industry popular worldwide. In 2022, Bollywood has done almost 15,000 crore net revenue at the box office. Are you…
YouTube App
Jan 12, 2024

Download YouTube Videos on Android

Downloading a YouTube video is too much, so having it downloaded just in case you’d like to watch it again. Or simply downloading to be safe in…
Zalman S2 TG - ATX Mid Tower Computer PC Case
Jan 10, 2024

List of Top 7 Small ATX Cases for PC Build

However, you may not have enough desk space for the purpose. Hence, you would look for small ATX Cases, your ultimate rescue; we have covered you all! 
Jan 9, 2024

Top 9 Free Online Anime Streaming Platforms

A thrilling and transformative anime-watching experience awaits you as we reveal the best anime websites to watch anime-free for 2024.
Jan 7, 2024

How to Turn Off Voicemail on iPhone?

You use the voicemail feature when you aren't available for the next moment and have meetings lined up. However, since it's the digitized era, various other options…
Dec 31, 2023

Best Free Solitaire Games for Android

Solitaire gets your card-shuffling fingers twitching, but your wallet groans at paying to flip through a pixelated deck virtually. Fear not, eager gamer! This guide pinpoints the…
Jan 9, 2024

Top 10 Best Unblocked Music Sites to Listen Music

Here's where you would be looking for the best unblocked music sites, and we have covered you all with it! 
Dark Rock Elite
Dec 25, 2023

Best Cooler for Intel i9-14900K: Our Top 6 Picks

I hope this article finds you in good health because as cool as having the 14900K sounds, it’s something opposite. Since Intel’s 14th Gen lineup was dropped,…
Dec 24, 2023

Best DDR5 RAM for Intel i9-14900K: Our Top 6 Picks

Here's where you would be looking to upgrade RAM, and we have covered you with the best DDR5 RAM for Intel i9-14900K. So, let's dig deeper into…
Dec 22, 2023

12 Best Zoro.to Alternative Websites

Zoro.to was undoubtedly one of the most popular online anime streaming websites among the millions of fans worldwide. Unfortunately, the website is defunct because of some legal…
Mar 22, 2024

7 Best Unblocked Movie Sites

Seeing your go-to movie site getting blocked is one of the most painful things a cinephile has to see. Movie sites getting blocked isn’t an uncommon practice…
Watch Live Sports
Dec 12, 2023

8 Best Apps to Watch Live Sports Free

Have you ever found it difficult to watch your favorite games? Well, guess what? It doesn't have to be hard anymore! We've found some awesome apps that…

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