Have you ever tried to sneak into your wife’s device and got caught? Well, you are not alone. Many husbands want to check their wife’s phone activities. It leads to different things that may put you in some trouble.


However, there is an excellent method to read your wife’s text messages from your device. Yes, you read it right. There is no need to check your wife’s smartphone when you can read all her messages on your device.

The process is called phone monitoring and is done using a phone monitoring application. These applications allow you to check messages, call logs, photos, videos, location, and browsing history of any device. On top of that, there is no risk involved, and you can not get caught tracking the device either.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose only. Don’t disturb anyone’s privacy without their permission. We, at TechLatest cannot be held responsible for any loss.

All you need is this phone monitoring application, and it will help you with the rest. So, let us discuss and find out how to read someone’s text messages from your device.

Note: You do not need any coding or technical thing to use this method. Anyone can use it to track someone’s activities remotely.

Requirements To Track Someone’s Messages

If you are wondering that you will need to get into some rocket science for it, then don’t worry. It is so easy and does it require you to do much work. First, you need to use a phone monitoring application ( We will cover it in this article) and a targeted device to access it. If your wife is using an Android device, then you need its access for 5 minutes. 

However, if it is an iPhone, then you do not even need to touch the device even once. To clear your doubts, there is no need to root or jailbreak any device to perform it.

So, let’s get to this application and know how you can do it.



Minspy is a phone tracking platform that provides advanced tools to monitor any device. With this application, you can track all the text and social media messages of your wife’s device. It works on the stealth mode and protects your identity from all third parties.

As we discussed earlier, you do not need to perform any jailbreak or root on the targeted device. It means that there is no data risk to you and your wife’s device. That is the reason why millions of people are using Minspy’s application to keep track of their loved ones.

Parents use this application to stay updated with their kid’s activities. Additionally, there are several advanced features that make phone monitoring much easier.

Note: You can get it here to track my husband’s phone feature on your device.   

Feature of Minspy Application

Minspy is equipped with some of the most advanced and reliable features to help you track someone’s data. Here are some of them:

Location Tracker: It is one of the most popular features of this platform. It allows you to track the location of any device with the GPS or the inserted SIM card. You can also check the last visited places by the device.


Text Messages Viewer: If you are looking for a way to track someone’s text messages, then this is the feature for you. You can click on this feature from your account’s dashboard and start tracking all their messages on your phone.

Call Logs Viewer: You can also check the call logs of the targeted device. Additionally, it shows you the duration of calls, frequency of calls, favorite contacts, and much more. Remote call recording is the highlighted use of this feature.

Media Tracker: Check all the files, photos, and videos stored on the targeted device. The application records everything and delivers it to your online account. You can also download the data to keep it on your online device for easy access.

Web History Locator: This feature helps you in checking the history of every browser of the device. It is used by parents to keep track of their kid’s activities remotely.

Note: They keep updating their features, and that is why it is better to check their website for the updated list.

How To Read Your Wife’s Messages From Your Device

Follow these easy steps to read someone’s messages on your device:


Registration Process

You need a Minspy account to start monitoring a device. Hence, visit their website and create a free account there. It might ask for information like your name and email address for registration,

After this, you can select one of their memberships to get access to the advanced features. Make sure to choose the right plan for your needs. The basic membership can track only a single device.

Phone Verification 

The next step is to verify the device that you want to monitor. Please know that you do not need to root the android device to target it. All you need is to download and install its 2 MB set up on the  Android device. 

The same goes for an iPhone. There is no need to jailbreak it for verification. Additionally, you do not even need to install an application on iPhone devices. Just enter the iCloud credentials of the device that you want to target and it will automatically verify it.

It will take some time to verify the device with the account. Close the window once the process is completed.


Text Message Monitoring

Login back to your online account and click on the dashboard. Look for the Spy on SMS feature and click on it. It will show you all the messages sent and received through that device. You can also filter out the texts based on contacts, dates, and frequency.

The same process is followed to monitor their location, browsing history, and other data. Hence, you get all these solutions on a single subscription plan. 

Final Verdict

Minspy is the right application to track someone’s text messages. It meets all the parameters of being a secured and advanced phone monitoring application. You can check someone’s messages, location, and much more with this application.

It comes with an advanced keylogger that records all the keystrokes made on the targeted device. It means that you can capture someone’s passwords, text messages, deleted messages, and other text remotely.

So, what are you waiting for? Register on this application and start monitoring any device you want.



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