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Oct 13, 2022

How to Watch a Movie on FaceTime?

With the release of the iOS 15 version, Apple has launched a huge update to FaceTime in 2021. FaceTime has got a feature called SharePlay, which helps…
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Oct 13, 2022

How to Fix Error 4013 on Mac/Windows?

Are you also facing the Error 4013 on Mac/Windows? Click here now to get the resolution!
Oct 11, 2022

Fix: iPhone “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” Pop up

The “Liquid Detected In Lightning Connector” is an iPhone alert that means either the charging port or lightning accessory is wet. But don't worry; this is just…
Dec 27, 2022

How to Fix mds_stores High CPU Usage on Mac?

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Aug 10, 2022

20+ Best Engraving Ideas for iPad

Engraved messages are the best way to express your feelings for your loved ones. Here are the best 20+ engraving ideas for ipad.
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Aug 9, 2022

How To Turn Off Private Browsing On iPhone?

Are you looking for a way to turn off private browsing on your iPhone? If so, you're in the right place. Like most people, you probably use…
How to Fix iPhone Camera Black Screen Issue?
Aug 9, 2022

How to Fix iPhone Camera Black Screen Issue?

Would like to fix Iphone camera black screen and other issues relating to it? Click here to get the solutions immediately!
How to Block Apps on iPhone?
Aug 8, 2022

How to Block Apps on iPhone?

There are multiple ways to block apps on iPhone and make it secure for your children to browse. This article will provide you with insight !
How to Connect AirPods To Apple TV?
Aug 5, 2022

How to Connect AirPods To Apple TV?

No matter how beautiful your home theatre setup is, you'll eventually need something more… personal. The people you live with are irritating you, and you simply want to…
Is Your Apple Mouse Not Working? Here's How to Fix
Aug 5, 2022

Is Your Apple Mouse Not Working? Here’s How to Fix

Are you having trouble getting your mouse to work on your Mac? If so, we know how frustrating it is! Fortunately, it's pretty easy to fix. Whether you…

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