Windows 11 Tips and Tricks all Students Need to Know

Windows 11
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Are you a student that has just got a brand-new laptop? Well, you probably already know how to use Windows, but you are looking for tips and tricks to make it more efficient.


You might be looking for shortcuts or things you can personalize to make the entire experience more pleasant. Well, you are in the right place.

With every new version of Windows 11 launched, there are new changes made to the operating system. So here are some tips and tricks students need to know about Windows 11. 

  • Dark mode
  • Focus assist
  • Widgets
  • Enhanced sound
  • Quick settings panel
  • Multitask layout
Windows 11
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Dark Mode 

One of the nicest features of Windows 11 is that it has the dark mode option. The dark mode is nice because it reduces the strain put on your eyes during the night. A lot of students are running all-nighters, so it is important to protect your eyes. 

At the same time, dark mode helps save energy consumption. As you are on the go and running between classes, you might not have access to a wall socket to charge your laptop.

It would be awful to have to write your essay and be tight on time and for your laptop’s battery to discharge. In this case, you can get the help of an essay writing service online to support you in delivering the essay by the deadline. 

Use the Focus Assist

One of the things students do while in college is procrastinating. This usually happens when distractions are not banned and interrupt the productive process of students.

Being efficient and productive can save you a lot of time you can invest in your hobbies, social life, or self-care. Windows 11 comes with a nice feature that allows you to focus while working on your computer. 

A lot of distractions are there, from unclosed browser tabs to notifications. You can choose which ones to allow while you are in the focus mode.


This way, you can eliminate distractions and achieve a nice flow state where you are fully immersed in your task, advising expert writers from dissertation services. In the Focus assist section, you will find a few modes to choose from. You can also customize them however you want. 


The new Windows 11 looks pretty nice and it has a lot of features you can find on smartphones too. Technology is advancing and gadgets and devices are beginning to be so easy to use because there are many similarities between them. So, you have widgets on Windows 11 and you can use them. 

As a student, you might need quick access to some apps. You might need updates on different topics. You can customize the widget section however you want and add a calendar, a to-do list, or other apps you want to access fast. 

Amazing Sound

Another nice thing you can do in Windows 11 is to make everything you listen to sound better. You may think that it is about the quality of your headphones and speakers, which is true to some degree. But you can also turn on a feature that enhances the sound quality. 


Why not give it a try and see how your favorite songs sound? Music is important to students as it helps them relax, but also focus on their assignments. And if it does not sound well, your study session will, most likely, be affected. 

Quick Settings Panel 

In some moments, you might want to turn the volume up or down. You might want to adjust the brightness of the screen. You might want to put your laptop on airplane mode.

Either way, you can find all these in the Quick Settings Panel. But one of the nicest things is that you can customize it however you want. Which makes using Windows 11 even easier. 

Multitask Layouts 

Depending on your study subject, you may need to work with multiple documents at the same time. But shifting from one to another when you do not have an additional monitor can slow you down.


Do not worry. Windows 11 has a nice feature you can enable and divide your screen. Multitask layouts are amazing and help students complete their assignments smoothly. 

Final Words 

Windows 11 is one of the most popular operating systems and it gets improved constantly. As a student, you might want to make it as you like and you can do this. You can customize a lot of sections, enable dark mode, and even use multitask layouts for complex assignments. 

Working on your essays and studying for your exams will be more efficient with the Focus assist section that helps you block virtual distractions.

Customize the widget and quick setting sections however you like so that you have quick access to the apps you use often. Windows 11 can make your college experience more awesome so use these tips and tricks.

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