Microsoft announced the next major upgrade of Windows 10 on June 24th via an online event. The next version of Windows will be called Windows 11. Quite obvious, isn’t it? No, it isn’t, as a couple of years ago, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be the last version.


Well, that is past now, Windows 11 is now real and you might want to install on it your secondary PC or dual-boot with Windows 10 PC. And for that, you will need a Windows 11 ISO file and right now Microsoft didn’t push any Windows 11 ISO to the public server.

Well, there is an alternative available right now, by which you can download the latest available version of Windows 11 ISO and then clean install it wherever you want.

Follow this article to the end, in this article, we are going to discuss how you can download Windows 11 ISO right now and then install it on any PC.

This article is divided into two different sections, first, we are going to discuss the steps involved in downloading the latest Windows 11 ISO file, and then in the second section, we will talk about how can install it on any PC.

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Download Windows 11 ISO Using UUP Dump

For downloading the Windows 11 ISO file, we are going to use a site named UUP Dump. All the files are actually very real and genuine, we have been using them for a long time.

The file can be used in any way, like upgrading a Windows 10 PC, cleaning installing on any PC, or even for testing the build on a Virtual Machine. So, let us get into the steps,


  • Navigate to website. Now, click on the Download option from the navigation menu.
Download Windows 11 ISO
  • Now, click on the latest version available of Windows 11. There are a few options available, like x64, arm64 (for arm based CPUs).
Download Windows 11 ISO
  • Now, select the language and click on the Next button.
Download Windows 11 ISO
  • Then, choose the Windows 11 Edition and click on the Next button.
Download Windows 11 ISO
  • Finally, select Download and convert to ISO and check the Include updates option and click on the Create download package button.
Download Windows 11 ISO
  • A small zip fill will be downloaded. Extract the zip file and then proceed with the following steps.
  • The extarcted folder will contain 4 files and a folder.
Download Windows 11 ISO
  • Open the file with respective of your host PC, if you using Windows PC then open the ‘uup_download_windows.cmd‘ file and similar for macOS and Linux.
  • On opening the file, a command prompt will appear and start downloading the Windows 11 ISO file. (Make sure you can enough internet bandwidth to download the file)
Download Windows 11 ISO
  • Finally, press 0 to exit when asked to. It will exit the command prompt. (You can find the Windows 11 ISO file in the same extracted folder)

Clean Install Windows 11 Using ISO File

This part is a little tricky, it is not as same as the other Windows clean installation process. Microsoft has restricted us with a few minimum requirements to upgrade to Windows 11.

And right now there is no official way to clean install Windows 11, but here comes the trick, we are going to do a few workarounds which will eventually help us to make a bootable USB of Windows 11.

Note that we aren’t going to use any of those smart tools like Rufus to make the bootable drive.

Since, it will create an NTFS-formatted boot drive, because the main installation file is more than 4GB and therefore cannot live on a FAT32 partition.

The problem with an NTFS drive is that you’d have to disable Secure Boot (in your BIOS) in order to boot from it and Windows 11 requires Secure Boot so the installer may tell you that you’re not meeting the requirements.

So, we are going to make the bootable USB with the help of a few workarounds,

If you are going to install it on your Virtual Machine then you don’t need to follow these steps, you can just install it using the ISO file.

Okay, without further ado, let’s come into the real trick, we are going to create a bootable USB drive (manually) that will hold the installation file and also boot on a secure boot enabled PC.

Create Bootable USB Drive

Step 1: Extract the ISO file using any extraction tools like WinRAR.
Step 2: Now, connect the USB drive to the PC (16 GB recommended, but 8 is also fine)
Step 3: Open the Disk Management app by right-clicking on the Windows icon, and then clicking on it.
Step 4: You will notice the USB drive in there named Disk 1 Removable (most probably).
Step 5: Now, delete the USB partition by right-clicking and then clicking on Delete Volume.

Clean Install Windows 11

Step 6: Now, right-click on the unallocated partition and click on New Simple Volume, then create a 1 GB partition, formatted as FAT32 with a label maybe BootPart.

Clean Install Windows 11

Step 7: Again, right-click on the unallocated partition and click on New Simple Volume, then create a partition with all the remaining space, formatted as NTFS with a label maybe DataPart.

Clean Install Windows 11

Step 8: Now, copy all the files from the extracted ISO file (except the ‘Sources‘ folder) to the newly created FAT32 USB space (BootPart).

Clean Install Windows 11

Step 9: Finally, copy all the files from the extracted ISO file to the NTFS USB space (DataPart).

Clean Install Windows 11

Step 10: Now, open the FAT32 partition (BootPart), and create an empty folder named ‘Sources‘ and copy the boot.img only from original ISO extracted folder (ISO -> Sources -> boot.img).

Clean Install Windows 11

Now, we are good to go, you can use the USB to install it into any secure boot-enabled PC.

Clean Install Windows 11

Now, these steps should be done on the target PC where you want to clean install Windows 11.

  • Restart your PC, and while booting, before the Windows logo, tap the Boot Menu key to open it.
BrandAssigned Boot Menu Key
AsusEsc or F8
HPEsc or F9
LenovoF12, F8, F10
OtherEsc or F1-F12
  • You see a screen with a list of drives, choose the one you inserted/plugged in, and hit Enter.
  • Then the Windows logo will appear on the screen for a while, if you see the animated dots it means everything is fine.
  • Next, you will be asked to select your Language, Time, Keyboard method and after configuring all these things, Click Next.
  • Now click on Install Now.
  • Now, Windows 11 set-up will ask you to enter the Product Key, if you have a product key, proceed to enter it. Otherwise, click on “I don’t have a key”.
  • Now setup will ask you to choose the correct edition of which you have a License either Home or Pro. Make sure to enter the correct edition if you choose the wrong edition then you would need to perform a clean install again.
  • Accept the license terms, to do so check the box in front of “I accept the license terms”.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).
  • Select the drive and then click Next. [If there are multiple partitions, select each from the bottom, then click to delete until only one unallocated drive left]
  • Select the unallocated drive list, Click New > Apply > OK.
  • Select the Primary partition from multiple partitions, click Next.
  • Just wait for few seconds while Windows install.
  • When all this setup will complete, Windows will reboot into the setup automatically.
Clean Install Windows 11

You can now proceed with the Windows 11 setup, we already have covered an article regarding the Windows 11 initial experience, do check that for more reference.

Closing Phrase – Download Windows 11 ISO and Clean Install Windows 11

That was all, we have successfully learned how to Download Windows 11 ISO and then how to create a bootable USB drive and to install it on any PC. We know, it was a little long and complex, if you understand the steps clearly then it is very simple and straightforward.

In case you didn’t understand any steps, or you can have any other queries regarding this article, then feel free to comment down below, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Peace ????



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